Writing Prompt Day!

For me, a new year is always a time for reflection and for setting new goals. I think about the progress and setbacks of my experiences over the past year. Spending so much thinking, I realized I missed the reason I started this blog – to get out of my writer’s block. I find thatContinue reading “Writing Prompt Day!”

Happy New Year!

The ringing of the New Year bells may be ringing a little too loudly for those celebrated the coming a new beginning with too much enthusiasm. Another year to a writer means new books to read, more writing, and creating a new list of to-do’s. Maybe this will be the year that you sign thatContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

NaNoWriMo Month

How is everybody doing out there during the month of NaNoWriMo? Mine is off to a slow start and I’ve been taking a much needed break because of all the events that I’ve been involved in this year. During my quiet week I had one of those moments when you’re driving in your car andContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Month”

Minnesota Summer

Summer in Minnesota means getting into your car and having your makeup begin to melt before the air conditioning didn’t cool off the inside. The humidity up here can make your skin prune without taking a bath. It’s like being in a sauna while your outside trying to enjoy the outdoors. We put up withContinue reading “Minnesota Summer”

Minnesota Life

The first of the month is here and I can finally bear the midwest humidity a little bit more because I have air conditioning again in my car. No more melting makeup or skin stuck to the seat as sweat drips down my back. I can breathe easier in cool, fresh air without bugs flyingContinue reading “Minnesota Life”

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you make time to remember friends and family, and think of those who served our country. I spent time with my parents this weekend and had siblings and a nephew stop out to visit. We sang, “Happy Birthday” to my nephew and talked about how he’s turning 14 already. WeContinue reading “Happy Memorial Day!”

Memorial Weekend

The weekend is here and I hear the tires hitting the road for many Minnesotans as they begging their plans for a Holiday weekend. Some people that I’ve talked to are looking forward to an extra day of sleep after a busy week. In our state, you’ll see a mass exodus from downtown to ourContinue reading “Memorial Weekend”

New Book Release Coming Soon!

The end of the week is finally here and my fingers are itching. I’m so close to pushing the publish button, it’s hard to hold myself back because I take my own advice. I need to do a few more rounds of proofs before I launch my next journal. Yes, the big day is finallyContinue reading “New Book Release Coming Soon!”

Food For Thought

Last evening was another glimpse of sunlight after 4:00 pm. Again, my eyes drifted up to the orange colored sky in the east and I started to think of ice cream. An orange dreamsicle sat on the tip of my tongue and my mouth watered a little bit in the middle of traffic. Yes, somethingContinue reading “Food For Thought”

Holiday Date

When I woke up this weekend, it took me a while to bravely look out the window. My nerves didn’t want to remember driving home in white out conditions on Friday. I witnessed one person turn the corner a few blocks from my home to slide all the way across the street into my lane.Continue reading “Holiday Date”

Steaming Up the Kitchen

Is it already Thursday? The sad part about the holidays is it flies by and everyone starts talking about their New Year’s Resolutions. People like me. To get in enough of the holiday feel, I think I’ll do a repeat of watching Christmas shows before Halloween. Santa doesn’t need to know that my tree wentContinue reading “Steaming Up the Kitchen”