Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you make time to remember friends and family, and think of those who served our country. I spent time with my parents this weekend and had siblings and a nephew stop out to visit. We sang, “Happy Birthday” to my nephew and talked about how he’s turning 14 already. We all realized how quickly time passes us by.

Our weekend was sprinkled with showers and we woke up on Sunday to loud thunder storms and lightning. We both woke up and turned our heads to look at each other because sound was like a bursting hurricane with the wind howling through the back porch of the guest bedroom. What a strange feeling to wake up feeling like you’re in a tin car with a hurricane around you.

Our excitement was going to the grocery store and a small boutique called, The Paisley Cow. The only thing that could top going into town from the country was a trip to the local creamery for fresh cheese curds that are still warm. I mean, it is Wisconsin, land of cheese heads. We filled up a bag of cheese with a few homemade salsa’s and then headed out to the stand for 2 orders of deep fried cheese curds that you can only get at the State Fair.

Tummies were satisfied as we made our way back to the house. Afternoons and evenings were spent playing cards with Mom and Dad. There were a few times when accusations of cheating flew across the table because everyone wants to be the winner. Mom and daughter have to beat Dad and son-in-law, and we did win the final round on Saturday night before we went to bed.

Of course, I got to stand up and cheer next to husband and call him a “loser” but it’s all in good fun. I did stay up after card games to get some work done. While Sunday lunch sizzled in the pan, I was working on my blog. The itch of the pen never goes away even if it stops for a little while.

I hope you get to make some memories of your own today, and think about loved ones past and present. Happy Memorial Day!

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~Yoon Ju

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