Pastry Run

Have you ever been woken up by being licked in the face by something warm and furry early in the morning? Well, I don’t have that. I have a husband. Why he suddenly decided that making an early morning pastry run at 7:30 on the day I like to sleep in was a good idea,Continue reading “Pastry Run”

Seller Frustration

Last night my life turned into a TikTok because of an update on Etsy. All that was required was an update to my seller information and an update to my bank account. I thought this was only going to take 15 minutes but I was locked out of my frozen account. Nothing was going inContinue reading “Seller Frustration”


This week I opened the door and woke up to a world that belonged in Halloween land. The fog had rolled in and I couldn’t see more than a few houses down. I imagined what would happen if Mother Nature decided to indulge our fantasy worlds and Halloween turned foggy. Taking the every day worldContinue reading “Humpday!”


This year has been an exploration of events and new kinds of medium but I feel like I’ve been moonlighting as a writer in the middle of the night. Balancing everything I love to do is more like a pendulum swing. I teeter back and forth. Maybe my rhythm is winter for writing under theContinue reading “Moonlighting”

Creative Support

This Saturday we had one more day of summer weather at our first Kimchee Festival hosted by Adoptee Hub in Minnesota. The morning started out with some rain showers and confusion due to double booking of a soccer field. My husband and I showed up early to find the soccer field filled with high schoolContinue reading “Creative Support”


One day to showtime again. Tomorrow my belly bottom will be filled with fermented kimchi as we head to a festival for kimchi making in Minnesota. I’ll be surrounded with familiar faces and people who love the same kind of food for me. My husband and I will be one of a few vendors whoContinue reading “Pre-planning”

Slowing Down

Yesterday my body decided it needed a break and I had to take a few hours rest. My fingers wouldn’t type and my brain turned into a fog. I went too many hours without sleep in the past few weeks and I finally had to stop everything. My plan to have rest days during theContinue reading “Slowing Down”

Cramming for Finals

These past few weeks I’ve felt like I’m back in school cramming for a final in English class as I’ve typed furiously to turn my paper on time. I’ve found myself typing furiously on my phone in the most peculiar places so that I could get in my 5-10 minutes of words. A sigh ofContinue reading “Cramming for Finals”

Progress Update

This first day of the week is over and I’m moving forward with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Someone placed an order on my Etsy yesterday for my handmade creations and achieving the goal that I have for my online stores got a boost. Thank you to the buyer! When it comes to all smallContinue reading “Progress Update”

Racing Minds

There are no blocks in my house today as I run around trying to get everything done in one day. I made it a point to sit down and continue the practice of typing to slow my racing mind down. I still have too many ideas and not enough time to get them all done.Continue reading “Racing Minds”

September Cleaning

The big countdown is going on my clock and I’m doing my best to try to keep the nervous energy from causing anxiety over not having everything on my list done before the big day. My list of endless ideas always get cut short and I have to be okay with going with what IContinue reading “September Cleaning”

Labor Day Frenzy

Labor Day is here and I’m running around the house like a crazy person because I have an outdoor show coming up this weekend at a new venue. The grand plans that I had for different pieces turned into a crying session as I watched one of my figures that took me all day fallContinue reading “Labor Day Frenzy”