Wednesday #13 Roof

The rough, tongues lay quietly underneath my flannel pajamas as I listened to the first birds beginning to wake from from their sleep.  Slowly, the light touches my bare toes and I feel the slow creep of warmth over my body.  A warm blanket.  Silence in the city.  No one else is awake, not evenContinue reading “Wednesday #13 Roof”

Write A Scene Today

Standing on the edge of the rocks, their meeting place, she couldn’t tell the stars in the night sky from the earth. Both were mirrors of each other. The light from the moon flickered like a faulty nightlight. Her warm breath pushed out one small cloud when it hit the cold fall night. The hairsContinue reading “Write A Scene Today”

Pen Pals

What would this week be without some Writer’s Block help? I remember working on a story that I was going to set in San Francisco about a decade ago and the storyline was falling flat. I had piles and piles of dialogue that lead absolutely nowhere. This was supposed to be about a romantic chase,Continue reading “Pen Pals”

Character Development

Happy Friday!  I hope you were a good student and did your homework yesterday.  I spent hours working on my character profiles and flushing out their back stories.  More importantly, I spent time on asking why questions.  This exercise was inspired by Shaelin at Reedsy or  If you didn’t have time, or become aContinue reading “Character Development”

Homework Day

The thought of Spring weather is playing with us in Minnesota. We went from 60 this week to rain showers and then snow flurries overnight. Changing from one season to another means we usually experience all seasons within one week. A change in season for me means an awaited call into the local pharmacy, someoneContinue reading “Homework Day”

American Memories

Walking around in public places these days we are witness to all kinds of things. Sometimes, we encounter lunacy, joy, and ignorance. Being able to go to a social place, like the Mall of America, we meet people from all over the world but there’s always those few who will choose ignorance and hate. ThereContinue reading “American Memories”

Character Sheets

The keys are flying as I pour out all the thoughts I have about my characters, even if I wrote it before. This time there are flashes of colors, scents, and more ambitions. Exercising my own advice, my character sheets are growing. Doing this process over again has shed some blocks and confusion that IContinue reading “Character Sheets”

Character Sunshine

Characters are one shade of light in a dark room. – Daniel Greene Back to the grind.  The warm up in the Midwest must be affecting my brain like the rest of Minnesota.  Everyone is outside walking their pets.  I even saw one person carrying their cat who meowed the whole time but that’s anotherContinue reading “Character Sunshine”

Hump Day!

Hump day is here! What a perfect day to go looking for our own whale. I’m talking about finding the story that makes waves in the publishing world. Specifically, the focus is on #2 from Writer’s Digest, How to Choose a Story to Write by Courtney Carpenter. You can find the link for the fullContinue reading “Hump Day!”

February Date Night

Date night with our characters is finally here.  It’s time to get dressed up to meet at some place a little step up from the local bar. Writers need to know how their characters are going to behave in fine dining situations, even if it makes them uncomfortable.  Choose a higher end restaurant that you’veContinue reading “February Date Night”

February Cocktail Night

Developing characters in a novel can feel like you’ve entered into a new relationship.  The difference is that you can delete, erase, or change pieces that you don’t like to create ideal characters.  You can even go on dates with your antagonists without worrying about being in danger. Dating week continues so that you canContinue reading “February Cocktail Night”

February Coffee Time

Yesterday, we tried to place our characters inside a chocolate box.  Today, we’re going to meet them for coffee.  We’re not interviewing them, we’re going to talk to them like new and old friends.  Imagine meeting friends at a local coffee shop after you haven’t seen them in a while.  Well, maybe we don’t needContinue reading “February Coffee Time”