Hump Day!

Hump day is here! What a perfect day to go looking for our own whale. I’m talking about finding the story that makes waves in the publishing world. Specifically, the focus is on #2 from Writer’s Digest, How to Choose a Story to Write by Courtney Carpenter. You can find the link for the full article at the end.

The second point of the article zeroes in on finding the big idea that paints the full picture instead of pieces. In other words, you’re looking for the story that can fill the whole canvas. You’ve all read those epic novels that touched us in every way and you couldn’t put down. You roll into work red eyed and lacking sleep but feeling satisfied. If you didn’t finish the book, you’re hungry for more.

Why are those whales unforgettable? They touched our emotional center and characters spoke through us. The books that you can’t put down turn you into the protagonist. The characters are so vivid and clear that you can understand their point of view, feel their emotions, and understand their decisions even if you don’t agree with their choices. For a short time, you live through the characters and escape into their world.

According to Courtney Carpenter, finding your big idea is about filling your story with content that covers a wide range of emotions, action points, and high stakes. Emotions can build slowly, a steamy simmer or a layering for deeper content. Hearing you’re audience laugh, cry, and their lungs fill with satisfaction as the hero slays their dragon. When hands raise in victory with your hero, you know you’ve touched the reader with an inspiring tale.

My previous posts covered these parts of a novel but finding THE story is something that inspires you as a writer and the reader. When you’re words can do more than entertain, then you’re closer. Whales inspire readers to tell their own stories, find healing, and make changes in their lives (ones that help improve).

Writer’s Digest – How to Choose a Story to Write:

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~Yoon Ju

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