Getting Through Monday

Do you every just want to sit in the corner of a cafe writing all day without the worry of onlookers or too much noise in the background? My idea public place is somewhere with a few locals minding their own business and dedicated to their own conversations, not caring about the person tucked awayContinue reading “Getting Through Monday”

Day #18: First Paragraphs

I can feel the fingers itching out there as we go through Preptober together. We’ve been tackling one small exercise a day and then putting the pieces away. Well, today we get to do more typing than our previous days. Day #18 is First Paragraph Day. That means that we get to take out ourContinue reading “Day #18: First Paragraphs”

Creative Challenges

The clock is ticking and I’m working through logistical problems and cranking out more hand pieces of miniatures for our first flea market experience. Anyone looking to get out of the house near Stillwater, Minnesota are welcome to come visit us from 9 to 3 pm this Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, I won’t forget myContinue reading “Creative Challenges”

Book Marketing

The celebration confetti flew earlier and I’m already into what happens after you hit the publish button. Following my own advice, I’ve posting in blog and linked away. The next few weeks are going to be a flurry of posts and some in-depth sharing on my results when I use the automated campaigns in AmazonContinue reading “Book Marketing”

New Book Release Coming Soon!

The end of the week is finally here and my fingers are itching. I’m so close to pushing the publish button, it’s hard to hold myself back because I take my own advice. I need to do a few more rounds of proofs before I launch my next journal. Yes, the big day is finallyContinue reading “New Book Release Coming Soon!”

The List

One thing I told readers of my blog is to keep an open mind when it comes to getting published. We tend to think only of traditional full length novels but there are several ways to get your foot in the door. For example, short story writers have become more recognized and made the PulitzerContinue reading “The List”

Writing in 2022!

The clock struck midnight and I was actually up this time watching the ball drop on TV as the New Year rang in. There was a client click of our fake champagne (the real stuff gives me a headache), and a kiss on the sofa. There were no parties or get together with everything goingContinue reading “Writing in 2022!”

Little Piggy

This week is full of sniffles and coughs but maybe the Hallmark channel is rubbing off on my husband. He tried to get me out of bed as usual because he’s the morning person and there are some who tried to wake me in the past but they mysteriously disappeared. My family never to wakeContinue reading “Little Piggy”

Day #6 of InkTober – Word Prompt Is Spirit

The middle of the week is here and I started to laugh when I saw the prompt for Day # 6.  The word spirit didn’t bring to mind anything spooky, instead it conjured up the image of a flask of hard liquor.  Yes, it’s been that kind of day and I’m not a drinker.  IContinue reading “Day #6 of InkTober – Word Prompt Is Spirit”

The Circus Is In Town

Okay, the weekend was a little chaotic trying to get everything ready for show day but it paled in comparison to last night.  I think a full blown circus decided to move into town for a few days because I feel like every performer in the show.  Not only am I the plate spinning, acrobat,Continue reading “The Circus Is In Town”

Ideas for Promoting Your Book

Over the past few months, the designer in me went crazy.  Instead of creating one journal, I created a few more.  My normal breaks from writing turned into a funnel of resource journals for writers, gardeners, and food lovers.  I’m in love with art, design, and writing down your thoughts no matter what your passionContinue reading “Ideas for Promoting Your Book”