Little Piggy

This week is full of sniffles and coughs but maybe the Hallmark channel is rubbing off on my husband. He tried to get me out of bed as usual because he’s the morning person and there are some who tried to wake me in the past but they mysteriously disappeared. My family never to wakeContinue reading “Little Piggy”

Day #6 of InkTober – Word Prompt Is Spirit

The middle of the week is here and I started to laugh when I saw the prompt for Day # 6.  The word spirit didn’t bring to mind anything spooky, instead it conjured up the image of a flask of hard liquor.  Yes, it’s been that kind of day and I’m not a drinker.  IContinue reading “Day #6 of InkTober – Word Prompt Is Spirit”

The Circus Is In Town

Okay, the weekend was a little chaotic trying to get everything ready for show day but it paled in comparison to last night.  I think a full blown circus decided to move into town for a few days because I feel like every performer in the show.  Not only am I the plate spinning, acrobat,Continue reading “The Circus Is In Town”

Ideas for Promoting Your Book

Over the past few months, the designer in me went crazy.  Instead of creating one journal, I created a few more.  My normal breaks from writing turned into a funnel of resource journals for writers, gardeners, and food lovers.  I’m in love with art, design, and writing down your thoughts no matter what your passionContinue reading “Ideas for Promoting Your Book”

Beating the Writing Blues

Creativity breeds more creativity.  This is the reason we need to get out of our slump and reawaken our brains.   We all need time to rest but we all know when it’s not normal.  It’s not that your lazy.  Something‘s just not right.  Do we treat ourselves like the stock market and if we’re downContinue reading “Beating the Writing Blues”

New Book Cover Update

I hope everyone had time to take part in the writing prompt from yesterday!  Yes, I’m still finalizing and proofing my newest book project. The good news is that I’m at the very end stage before the New Release is available and my excitement is growing. Part of the finalization process includes a request forContinue reading “New Book Cover Update”

Writing Prompt Day!

Before I begin I have to say, “Thank you everyone for all your likes on my website and Facebook Page!” I also enjoy reading your posts! My Literary Road Trip to Ely, Minnesota ended but I took away enough pieces to fill in details missing from my small town novel. I have a lot ofContinue reading “Writing Prompt Day!”

Friday Road Trip

Friday is here and I’m excited!  My spring fever is finally going to be fed!  It’s, Friday the 9th and I am on a location road trip for one of the novels that I’ve been blogging about for the past year.  My small, Northern Minnesotan town is going to fill with imaginary werewolves.  I’m offContinue reading “Friday Road Trip”

How to Get Published

A writer today has options when it comes to publishing their books.  We all have the dream of seeing our names on Best Seller lists and royalty checks.  The reality of the journey means work and learning to promote yourself. Remember, my previous posts.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Break the process of writing a novel andContinue reading “How to Get Published”

Finding Joy in Writing

The excitement continues to grow as my publishing day inches closer!  I finished round #1 of final edits, formatting, and style proofing.  When I set my goal one year ago, the finish lined wasn’t even in sight.  Getting over the first hump of being able to write anything after a few years was more thanContinue reading “Finding Joy in Writing”