Showtime Sweet

Tonight, I’m sitting in a restaurant booth at an Irish pub across from First Avenue in Minneapolis awaiting the showtime of musician, Phillip Saint John. My husband and I met him during an outdoor event for The Art Shoppe as he purchased one of our handmade kimonos. Of course we had to attend his showContinue reading “Showtime Sweet”

Slow and Steady

Anyone traveling through downtown Minneapolis around lunchtime might have seen someone pushing a giant leather chair through the skyscrapers. The clatter and clink of the rolling wheels made people turn in my direction but I kept walking like everything was normal. Yes, I pushed a chair through the heart of downtown after winning a drawingContinue reading “Slow and Steady”

Minnesota State Fair Week

I may have missed a post yesterday but it was for a good reason. I was busy walking around at the Minnesota State Fair and filling up on all the new foods. My husband and I check out our mileage and we managed to walk 8 miles. You can imagine that I’m tired and inContinue reading “Minnesota State Fair Week”

Trial and Error

Last night my strange conversations continued when I picked up my husband again from work. I let him know about my online purchase as soon as he sat down. I told him I had miniature potion and poison jars arriving tonight that are only 1/2 an inch tall. He just nodded his head like IContinue reading “Trial and Error”

Minnesota State Fair Day!

Guess what day it is in Minnesota! It’s the grand opening of the Minnesota State Fair! Everyone has been waiting to fill their bellies and walk around to see what’s new this year. You’ll see some of us sitting the audience during the live news broadcasts or hear us participating in crazy news station contests.Continue reading “Minnesota State Fair Day!”

Conversations At Home

Yesterday evening, I realized that I’m not the only one with an unusual life when I turned the corner down the hallway to find my husband crouched on the floor. He was hovered over a small black mat holding a heat gun and blowing his dragon egg. Yes, my fingers didn’t stutter. I repeat heContinue reading “Conversations At Home”

Eavesdrop Day

Yesterday evening, I made my way to pick up my husband after work when I found myself making a detour to the craft store. My struggle continues because of good old Pinterest for another day. Excited by new creepy and spooky ideas I hurried through the aisles because I had 20 minutes to fill myContinue reading “Eavesdrop Day”

The Struggle

I had all the intention of cleaning this weekend and some places did get a scrub. A few made it to the local Good Will to find a new home but my event clutter is still in a pile. Did I mention the new supplies I purchased because I’m a Pinterest addict? Yes, I feelContinue reading “The Struggle”

Anniversary Moments

The weekend is finally here and I haven’t posted a prompt in while. Lately, I’ve been surrounded by artisan made cards at The Art Shoppe and at events and it gave me a new idea for a prompt. Actually, I thought of a couple I ran into at random at a store. My husband andContinue reading “Anniversary Moments”

Sisterly Love

Do you every have those moments when you think back to a childhood memory that annoyed you? I think of the times when my sister thought it was cute to squeeze my chubby cheeks as a child. She used to do the “look at those chubby cheeks” in a way that made steam come outContinue reading “Sisterly Love”

Summer Mess

The end of summer is approaching and I’m looking at all the disaster zones around the places I create. I have supplies piled high and fixtures blocking my walking room because I thought I would try some new display ideas at our summer events. I might have to go to a flea market just toContinue reading “Summer Mess”

Minnesota Countdown

The big summer countdown in Minnesota started! We are only 9 days away from the first day of the State Fair. I’ve already been to the website to check out all the new foods that will be available. There wasn’t a lot of foods that I considered “new” because they’re Asian themed and I haveContinue reading “Minnesota Countdown”