Trial and Error

Last night my strange conversations continued when I picked up my husband again from work. I let him know about my online purchase as soon as he sat down. I told him I had miniature potion and poison jars arriving tonight that are only 1/2 an inch tall. He just nodded his head like I said something normal and we were on our way back home.

He said he had another Etsy order for one of his 3D prints and I congratulated him. I keep asking him when I quit one of my jobs and he just laughs because as soon as we get home we head to our separate rooms to create. I know I’ll never quit doing something I love even if I don’t feel like doing it some days.

When the notification went off on my phone I ran to the door and picked up my package. I was so excited by mini glass jars with the cutest corks that I ran around collecting glitter and anything sparkly that would fit in my first set. They’re so adorable that I might keep these in my auto order list.

My experiments with new things went on and I almost melted my new molds that warped in my toaster oven. Smoke billowing out of anything is not the kind of effect I wanted despite the DIY Halloween decorators playing in the background. My husband had to run and turn on the oven hood to suck up some of the smoke.

Adding liquid clay to silicon molds for 15 minutes didn’t go as planned even though I followed the directions of a YouTuber. The tops turned out black, brown, and oozy. I might be able to add these into the mini Halloween sets that I’m creating but I won’t be repeating my experiment any time soon. I don’t need my neighbors calling the fire department for me.

The night was salvaged by my new Gorilla glue and skull miniatures because that experiment worked and I don’t have to pivot another new idea or leave my many shot glasses sitting in the corner. I also managed to create some brand new earrings for my next few shows.

Whether I’m writing or creating art pieces I’ve learned to try new things, experiment, and not throw everything out because I manage to find uses for them eventually. The trials also lead to new ideas that worked but only because I failed the first time. In other words, keep prompting and keep writing into the weekend.

I might pause to fill up on fair food this weekend but I’m also going hoping to surround myself with all the crafters, artists, and foodies. This is all to build my photo and prompt collection. You’ll read about them next week.

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~Yoon Ju

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