Minnesota State Fair Week

I may have missed a post yesterday but it was for a good reason. I was busy walking around at the Minnesota State Fair and filling up on all the new foods. My husband and I check out our mileage and we managed to walk 8 miles.

You can imagine that I’m tired and in need of a detox after all the fried food but it’s only once a year. One good thing my husband did to prepare was make a list of all the food we wanted to try this year. Our first bite upon arriving was a Nordic waffle filled with eggs, bacon, and cheese. The combination of sweet and salt made it our favorite of the day. Unfortunately, the lines were too long by the time we got to the International Bizarre and they were out of some of the new foods. We had pass the new Hmong kitchen and Andy’s garage to make to other areas of the fair.

The good news was that I got my giant scotch egg with honey mustard before the line was too long. This is my must have foods every year. Since it’s close to the animal barns I made my way through the smell, and skittish animals. I can only imagine what they think of all the strangers staring at them. There was one pig squealing so loud that you could hear him at the entrance. I have no idea what it was about but we all have our moments. Of course, I took a video of the tantrum.

Then, it was on to see the biggest pig named, Wild Mustang. He weighed in at 1,005 pounds and he didn’t look like he was getting up from his nap anytime soon. I saw owners passed out in hay bails and I had no idea how they slept next to their animals with that smell but I didn’t grow up on a farm. The birthing center was packed but seeing the baby animals gives everyone that warm fuzzy feeling.

The rhythm of my walking didn’t skip a beat as we made our way to see the largest pumpkin that weighed a little over 500 pounds. The forklifts must have been busy with all the oversized vegetables. I stopped in to visit with my fellow writers and artists at their booths as I continued through all of the different buildings. It’s amazing to see the accomplishments of other talented people you know. I even made a few purchases along the way to support a few.

Of course, I took some photos and videos of one of my pieces that made it into one of the fair too! Midtown Global Market in the International Bizarre selected one of my pieces for their booth and I finally made it in. This is the one place where you get to see local artists and small businesses unique to Minnesota all in one place.

As my husband and I made our way around, we were surprised that the cheese curd tacos and the deep fried macaroni tasted as good as it did. We thought this could be really horrible or one of the best ideas yet. They actually tasted pretty good. We also tried the new tot dog and you have to like sausage to be fan but the tater tot outside keeps it crunchy instead of soggy. Someone expecting milder hot dog may not like the saltier sausage.

A few more fair games in the midway and some more browsing at the vendor stands completed our 8 hours of walking around. I don’t know if we’ll go another day when I have a show coming up at Surly Brewing Co. on September 10th and 11th but it was worth the year long wait.

Guess what your prompt of the day is? Use the word corndog, and write for 5-10 minutes!

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~Yoon Ju

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