Monday is Day #11 Sour

My desk is piled high with LED lights to fix a broken light box, pens, and clay and I turned my head away as I got ready for the week this morning.  The sluggish feeling of the morning isn’t very motivating, and I feel like it’s another Sour Monday.  A new start looks sweet butContinue reading “Monday is Day #11 Sour”

Day #10 Pick

Nothing like a lazy and quiet Sunday to nap in while the sun streams in through windows.  I feel like a comfortable cat in her pile of blankets and pillows.  Then, I woke and realized I worked in The Art Shoppe today.  While I play shop girl in Minneapolis, my mind went through the 31Continue reading “Day #10 Pick”

Day #6 of InkTober – Word Prompt Is Spirit

The middle of the week is here and I started to laugh when I saw the prompt for Day # 6.  The word spirit didn’t bring to mind anything spooky, instead it conjured up the image of a flask of hard liquor.  Yes, it’s been that kind of day and I’m not a drinker.  IContinue reading “Day #6 of InkTober – Word Prompt Is Spirit”

Two Muses

The last day of September is here and I have piles of papers, clay, and glitter all over my desk.  My two muses have been busy at the beginning of the school year.  I don’t miss having certain kinds of homework anymore but sometimes I feel like I’m still in the classroom.  There’s always somethingContinue reading “Two Muses”

Baby Steps

Hump day is the perfect time to provide resources for those who are lost and don’t know what to write about next.  Today, there are several resources out there and fellow authors but the danger is consuming the information and not getting anything done.  After meeting many people who say they want to write aContinue reading “Baby Steps”

Resources For Writers

There’s only a few days left before Preptober begins and fingers will be flying all over the world as writers prepare to join NaNoWriMo.  What are your goals for the month of November?  If you haven’t participated in either, then this is your introduction.  There’s no right approach or way to join in the nextContinue reading “Resources For Writers”

Creepy Cooking

The sun started setting and like any normal person I was taking photos with my new phone of a Minion Frankenstein and Bride.  Minion mummies and tiny pumpkins were stars of the lighting set.  My mind started to race with fantastical creatures and fairy tales.  Getting into the mood I turned on a cook showContinue reading “Creepy Cooking”

Friday Yuck

The weekend is here and I started my day with taking a rest to get over the seasonal bug that’s causing congestion and what I call the Yuck. I guess this is my body’s way of greeting a new season and all I can do is rest. Extra sleep boosted my lack of energy forContinue reading “Friday Yuck”

Sky Whale Wednesday

Did your fingers get their workout yesterday?  I hope you got in some practice.  Last night, I was watching my stream of random YouTube videos when I had the realization that I’m not the only one with a vast imagination.  I was watching some spooky videos before next month, when they showed something bursting inContinue reading “Sky Whale Wednesday”

One At a Time!

I don’t know about you but I was dragging at the beginning of the week and my mind didn’t want to focus on getting work done. All of the excitement over the weekend drained me and my attempt to catch up on my rest in one day wasn’t enough. I went for a walk inContinue reading “One At a Time!”