Minnesota Summer

The temperatures have been in the upper 80’s to the lower 90’s for the past week and I feel like I moved south for the summer. The winds might not smell like salt but a sheen of sweat still covers my skin if I’m outside moving around for more than 5 minutes. Hot and humidContinue reading “Minnesota Summer”

Back to the Pen

My fingers were itching because I missed some time at my keyboard last week. Part of me sent off a warning to keep up my regular schedule of writing. Having writer’s block in the past haunts me, and that might be a good thing because it helps me sit down in the chair to writeContinue reading “Back to the Pen”

Making the Switch

After spending the weekend with my parents out in the country, it’s been hard to get back into work mode again. Being able to hear the birds chirp without fire trucks going by, or watch a hungry raccoon trying to raid my parent’s bird feeder brought a sense of tranquility that I can’t get inContinue reading “Making the Switch”

Summer Mode

The beginning of my summer is kicking off with a visit to mom and dad for quiet time out in the northern country. Staying out in a place where the city lights are glaring behind curtains and fire trucks are racing down the street go quiet. The first night out of the city feels oddContinue reading “Summer Mode”

Work In Progress

A new week has begun and I’m on break from my show circuit for a few weeks. Having back to back shows was a new challenge for me, especially because I have a handmade business. Growing a business that relies on you to finish multiple novels or art pieces is a constant learning experience. BeingContinue reading “Work In Progress”

Making It Simple

Breaking away from my clay and cramped fingers, I sat down to get in an episode of my Japanese drama series. The lives of two friends go down different paths at the same school as they try to find their way away from their hometown. The way one girl held her smile over a simpleContinue reading “Making It Simple”

Happy Monday

The has begun and I spent all weekend making miniature figurines with needle tools and sparkling dust. This is show week and I had to start out start by making a post. Somehow I managed to fit in a morning out for breakfast with all those celebrating Mother’s Day early. We had to wait longerContinue reading “Happy Monday”

Self Writing

Another late night writing session is in order as I type into midnight. Maybe I should open my own diner for writers who can’t sleep or wake up in the middle of night because they’re woken up by their inner writing muse. My pen continues to call and each time it does, I’m thankful. TheContinue reading “Self Writing”

Just Write

After days of cold and rain, I finally felt the warmth of the sun on my face with another successful art event this past weekend. The weather started out crisp, then teetered over into the celebration of shorts and no coat. I celebrated the fact that I started to break a small sweat in theContinue reading “Just Write”

Still Writing In the Moonlight

The clock struck midnight and I didn’t turn into a pumpkin or a mouse. Instead my toes lowered out of my blanket to touch the cool air. I felt my body relax as I thought of cold sheets after the ride home in the sun. My new piece of happy this week was in theContinue reading “Still Writing In the Moonlight”