New Book Release Coming Soon!

The end of the week is finally here and my fingers are itching. I’m so close to pushing the publish button, it’s hard to hold myself back because I take my own advice. I need to do a few more rounds of proofs before I launch my next journal. Yes, the big day is finallyContinue reading “New Book Release Coming Soon!”

Book Review Update

Have you found your quiet alley yet? Or, wandered through some unknown city? I’m trying by reading a new book but the style wasn’t what I expected. I wanted the poetry of Paris. Yes, the sappy read with a glass a wine and maybe a little romance. The recommended read did make me laugh aContinue reading “Book Review Update”

Writing Time

Following my own prompts and sharing of resources for writers, it’s time to put own a short of my own. I need to practice my own story telling. I wrote a short piece for today. This may turn into a longer story in the future. My inspiration was the new novel that I started thisContinue reading “Writing Time”

Food For Thought

Last evening was another glimpse of sunlight after 4:00 pm. Again, my eyes drifted up to the orange colored sky in the east and I started to think of ice cream. An orange dreamsicle sat on the tip of my tongue and my mouth watered a little bit in the middle of traffic. Yes, somethingContinue reading “Food For Thought”

Last Sliver of Daylight

I turned the corner out of downtown and made my way onto the exit to head back home in the procession of cars. As usual, the overhead signs flashed with an accident near an exit ramp and I let out one of those tire sighs. The way home is always the same when you’re inContinue reading “Last Sliver of Daylight”

Movie Night!

Last night I was snuggled under my blankets and rewatching an old Netflix series and I found my attention totally glued to the tv just like the first time. Have you ever had one of those moments when someone delivers a line of another writer and you stand up applauding? I’m envious of such aContinue reading “Movie Night!”

Winter Traditions

The winds howled last night and I felt my windows shudder. I finally had to turn up the heat so that I didn’t have to look like a lump of blankets on my sofa. You would have laughed if you saw the blanket draped over my head while I waited for the temperature to climb.Continue reading “Winter Traditions”

Dog Sledding Days

The four letter word fell all day in Minnesota today, and our I witnessed our downtown streets turn into a scene from Tokyo Drift. This new episode had me stop in the skyways of downtown as I watched trucks and cars slide from one side of the street to the other as they turned theContinue reading “Dog Sledding Days”

Zombie Wednesday

I’m not in the genre of writing Apocolyptic novels but I feel another episode creeping in again. In Minnesota, the cold weather and storms means filling up your gas tank and getting errands done before the snow piles up and traffic crawls. It also means getting grocery shopping done early so that you don’t endContinue reading “Zombie Wednesday”

Author to Author

The first Monday of 2022 is here and I started out the first day of the month with a touch base meeting with one of the Coauthors to the book I’m editing. I shared my experience of previous book edits and the timeline never changes be I’ve published my own or someone else’s novel. TheContinue reading “Author to Author”