Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is our traditional family Thanksgiving and this year my husband was blessed with a matching sweater that says, “Gobble until you wobble!” I had to include another holiday so that we show up to family events matching. Christmas always includes our matching ugly sweaters. We arrived at my parents late last night after IContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Day #1 of NaNoWriMo

There’s an hour before the first day of NaNoWriMo is over and I’m busy typing away because I didn’t want to miss getting in some writing. Yes, I’m counting blogging as writing because it’s what I can do at the moment. My fingers are sticky and stinging because I had some hot glue misses. I’veContinue reading “Day #1 of NaNoWriMo”

Day #20: What’s Missing?

I hope a second day of working on the first paragraphs of your chapters helped inspire and get you thinking about your novel. The pages in your folder should be growing in size and it’s time for us to add in more layers to our story. Day #20 is all about asking the question ofContinue reading “Day #20: What’s Missing?”

Day #19: First Paragraphs Repeat

When I tell everyone not to go overboard on the day’s exercise and exhaust yourselves, it’s because there’s a plan for every day this month. I hope you didn’t wear your fingers to the bone yesterday because we’re going to continue the same exercise. Day #19 is going to continue first paragraphs for our chapters.Continue reading “Day #19: First Paragraphs Repeat”


This week I opened the door and woke up to a world that belonged in Halloween land. The fog had rolled in and I couldn’t see more than a few houses down. I imagined what would happen if Mother Nature decided to indulge our fantasy worlds and Halloween turned foggy. Taking the every day worldContinue reading “Humpday!”

Creative Support

This Saturday we had one more day of summer weather at our first Kimchee Festival hosted by Adoptee Hub in Minnesota. The morning started out with some rain showers and confusion due to double booking of a soccer field. My husband and I showed up early to find the soccer field filled with high schoolContinue reading “Creative Support”

Zombie Day

I’m racing against the clock tonight and I have half an hour to spare before I turn into a pumpkin again. I just spent all day adding the finishing touches to all my pieces on a few hours of sleep today. I feel out like a zombie, and it fits with all of my HalloweenContinue reading “Zombie Day”

Preptober Ideas

Who needs sleep when I can type away late into the night? Not to mention that I’m doing a mini celebration for getting a few more unexpected pieces completed. I’m excited about the way some new haunted pieces turned out again last night. My mood in the middle of the hot day was far fromContinue reading “Preptober Ideas”

Labor Day Frenzy

Labor Day is here and I’m running around the house like a crazy person because I have an outdoor show coming up this weekend at a new venue. The grand plans that I had for different pieces turned into a crying session as I watched one of my figures that took me all day fallContinue reading “Labor Day Frenzy”

The After Party

My late night posting and video taking came to an end around midnight. The show lineup was filled with different rap artists from around the twin cities and a little spoken word by PinkRichie$. Words flowed out like poetry with their thought filled lyrics about their struggles and spirituality. When Phillip Saint John took centerContinue reading “The After Party”

Showtime Sweet

Tonight, I’m sitting in a restaurant booth at an Irish pub across from First Avenue in Minneapolis awaiting the showtime of musician, Phillip Saint John. My husband and I met him during an outdoor event for The Art Shoppe as he purchased one of our handmade kimonos. Of course we had to attend his showContinue reading “Showtime Sweet”

Slow and Steady

Anyone traveling through downtown Minneapolis around lunchtime might have seen someone pushing a giant leather chair through the skyscrapers. The clatter and clink of the rolling wheels made people turn in my direction but I kept walking like everything was normal. Yes, I pushed a chair through the heart of downtown after winning a drawingContinue reading “Slow and Steady”