Thinking In Color

I’m back into my creator videos and those who share their sketching or writing journals. You may want to take note if you’re looking for more ways to create content. Taking ideas from those outside of your genre, or medium is another way to find new stories. I talked about change yesterday, and I wouldContinue reading “Thinking In Color”

Quiet Friday

The roads went quiet yesterday morning and I spent it watching life feed road cameras. The roads were covered and the few cars I did see moving along I hoped were emergency workers or those who didn’t need to make a coffee run. Many places did close or had call-ins. Skeleton crews were running theContinue reading “Quiet Friday”

Snow Days!

I survived the smaller amount of snow that started falling Wednesday evening and overnight. My groceries are picked up for the next few days and I continue to peak outside. The snow started falling in my neighborhood around 2:00 pm again. Emergency plans are in place and we all keep waiting up here for theContinue reading “Snow Days!”

New Book Time!

This week I’m trying work through a recommended new book called, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. The reason I hit download in my Audible queue was because an entrepreneur that I follow, Abdi Dhaal, said that he read this book to help him get through that feeling of “resistance” that we all feelContinue reading “New Book Time!”

The Big One

After hearing and reading so many dystopian stories, I needed a break and wanted to think of a brighter future. I delved back into fantasy worlds and romance. Then, after recent seismic events around the world, I started to watch a video called “Deadly Pacific”. According to experts our universe is supposed to be aboutContinue reading “The Big One”

Getting Through Monday

Do you every just want to sit in the corner of a cafe writing all day without the worry of onlookers or too much noise in the background? My idea public place is somewhere with a few locals minding their own business and dedicated to their own conversations, not caring about the person tucked awayContinue reading “Getting Through Monday”

Day 2 of Old Stories

Today is Day #2 of working on an old story that needed to be dusted off from your manuscript pile. If you didn’t have time yesterday, then you have another day to get writing. Hopefully, the weekend will give you time to curl up up under some covers and move your plot along. I knowContinue reading “Day 2 of Old Stories”

Old Stories

At the end of the week my gears have to shift with fulfilling orders and restocking my inventory as my brains are being sold. That’s right! My handmade miniature brains in a jar continue to sell out to those using them for board games and decorations. I might not be writing but anything that keepsContinue reading “Old Stories”

Fairy and Fantasy Stories

Yesterday, I was driving to pick up my husband after work and listening to some retro music when my recent creations of fantasy books made out of clay and mythical creatures took over. My mind drifted back to a few old stories that I started to write about a Fae kingdom and a family ofContinue reading “Fairy and Fantasy Stories”

After the Show

The show is over and I spent all day yesterday relaxing and doing nothing. Long stretches of napping did wonders for my body after a few weeks of restless sleeping. The fact that I needed that much sleep tells me that I need to give myself more time to rest during busy weeks. Thinking aboutContinue reading “After the Show”


Late into the night I went into a speed round of creating with my clay and I felt like I was in the zone. My hands worked quickly to create 12 more miniature pieces dusted with gold and meant for St. Patrick’s Day. Just like there are seasons of writing, there are seasons at artContinue reading “Repetition”

Appreciation Day!

The night before I was making beer miniatures and last night I was making miniature boba teas filled with hearts and fake fruits for Valentine’s Day. I’m two days away from showtime and my mind is swimming with the list of all things I would like to make but can’t in the amount of timeContinue reading “Appreciation Day!”