Thinking In Color

I’m back into my creator videos and those who share their sketching or writing journals. You may want to take note if you’re looking for more ways to create content. Taking ideas from those outside of your genre, or medium is another way to find new stories.

I talked about change yesterday, and I would like to keep this going for the rest of the week. It’s time to change your the muscle memory of your fingertips. Instead of writing all your prompts, you’re going to sketch out what you visualize for 5-10 minutes.

The idea behind this prompt is to strengthen what you visualize. A stronger image makes for a better story. If you can clearly see the story, translating it to paper later will be easier. Remember, using imagery is not to describe but make the impassion of the scene tangible to your audience.

Look at the outline of your story and start with the introduction. Think about the cover. Is there a color that you see? What kind of place and time are your characters in? Most importantly, turn these into senses. How does everything smell, taste, and how does it make your main character feel? Can they see their breathe? Are they holding their breathe?

There was ways to write in what you see without making it sound mechanical, or trapped in someone’s head. You don’t want your character to sound like a robot. You want the feeling to translate.

If you’re still not feeling this, I just watched an artist watercolor over her writing journal with whatever color she felt. She didn’t create a masterpiece but she let the color express her the mood of her words. Give this prompt a try to 5-10 minutes until Friday.

My posts are Monday to Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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