Connecting Characters

Lesson Thursday continues through this month as I follow David Sedaris on MasterClass online. This week, I watched his lesson on connecting with readers. The same is said for first impressions because a reader may only pick up your book once, or only read the first few paragraphs. This feels cruel to us as writersContinue reading “Connecting Characters”

Character Day

The middle of the week is here and many Minnesotans are thinking about their cabin on one of the many lakes in our State. Memorial weekend is filled with people opening their cabins out of the city back up. Campires, s’mores, and bug spray will be in full swing. Some families will make it toContinue reading “Character Day”

Wandering Minds

We started out the week by talking about getting lost this week. Let your minds wander as we walk forward into the next few days. One of the exercises that I’ve used and other writers have shared with me is the art of letting your mind unwind and writing down your thoughts. These aren’t completeContinue reading “Wandering Minds”

Getting Lost

The weekend was about experimenting and adding more pieces in my online shop ( My Cricut got a workout as we tested and printed some new stickers. Bubbles and sticky back paper don’t mix week. The week was filled with mixed emotions because our new used car was coming this weekend. I’m excited for theContinue reading “Getting Lost”

School Day

MasterClass day is here again with David Sedaris. This part of his lesson, “Breaking Into A Story”, started out with the curse of needing to be perfect. He talked about how his partner, an amazing artist, goes to a museum only to come home and say that he can’t paint. I don’t know about youContinue reading “School Day”

Reinventing Imagination

Working or volunteering in a local art shop every weekend has it’s benefits. I’ve been creating art pieces and writing since middle school. I even remember writing out my own stories with squiggly lines because I hadn’t learned the alphabet. As I grew into an adult, I would sit there and wonder where all thatContinue reading “Reinventing Imagination”

Dreaming of Paris

When I was in college I used to have that dream of waking up in my Paris apartment with my typewriter in the window waiting for me. The sounds of the early morning shop owners filter through the window as my white lace curtains flutter. I stretch and slowly make my wake to get washContinue reading “Dreaming of Paris”

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is here and I hope you haven’t switched bodies with anyone or been chased by anyone wearing a hockey mask. Today is a day of superstition and thoughts about what happens when you walk under a ladder. Different cultures have different days synonymous with bad luck. This is the one day whenContinue reading “Friday the 13th”


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