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This is the year of the Journal Series!

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New Book Release 2022!

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Imagine Inspire Create 52 weeks of action and gratitude continues the idea of using prompts to transform your life one week at a time! You don’t have to be a writer to use ideas of action. This journal does give you room to share and keep track of your thoughts and experiences, and it helps you take an action a week to keep making progress toward your goals.

  • Get 52 weeks of actionable ways to imagine, create, and inspire your world
  • Exercises to write down goals or gratitude
  • Writing space for weekly to-do’s
  • Space to write and brainstorm
  • 8×10 notebook
  • Over 300 pages
New Release Available on Amazon!

Whooo! Now available at Writer’s Journal: 30 Days of Writing Prompts, Notes, and More on Amazon.

Writer’s Journal by is in the final stages of publishing. This book is filled with 30 days of writing prompts, note pages, and other pages to help build your own resources and work on your writing. After 2 years of not being able to write, this is the way Yoon Ju got back in track and in a healthier way. Over 200 pages devoted to helping you write again.

Gardening Journal

Whooo! Now Available on Amazon at

This journal was created by author, Yoon Ju Lee, to help her mother keep track of her changing gardens every year and keep record of her favorite plants for future generations.  Yoon Ju added in additional pages to keep track of the family budget, compost schedule, projects, planting schedule, plant names, locations, and jot down notes to grow your skills.  The idea to to create a log for future family so that they can remember how and what their grandmother grew.  The idea is to share, log, and grow.

  • To-do lists
  • Plant and lawn care lists
  • Budget planning lines
  • Compost schedule
  • Seasonal Planning
  • Gardening Plot for planning
  • 12 months of calendars and a place for projects and ideas
  • Notes for types of seeds and date planted
Recipe Journal for Food Lovers

Now Available! A recipe journal for food Lovers to write down all their favorite finds.

This book was created with a pinch of happiness and love to hold all of your favorite recipes.  The pages were designed by Artist and Author, Yoon Ju Lee.  She doodles and designs when during her breaks from writing romance and fantasy novels.   She’s a traveller who loves finding new tasty treats.  She shares resources about writing and food finds at 

  • *Note pages for your favorite foods, restaurants, wines
  • Measurements for cooking provided
  • Monthly Food Planning Calendars
  • Recipe Cards for Planning Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Baking, Holidays, and Specialty Dishes
  • Cocktail recipes of common drinks included
  • Write down your favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • More pages for Holiday planning and recipes
  • Grocery Planning
  • Space to draw, add photos, and doodle notes
  • 144 pages for your recipes

Available on Amazon at

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