Monthly Challenges

Every month I create challenges to stay on track overcome writer’s block. See what month you need to most. Join me in classes and let me know your progress. You can find my challenges on my social media too!

April Updates!

All of the writing prompts and exercises paid off! I was able to get a few Resource Journals published after a month of putting together hundreds of pages. Check out my New Book Releases page. I may publish a few more books but my main goal is to finish one of my fantasy novels by the end of the year. Then, the editing process will begin all over again.

January is – Just Write Month!

2021 is a Fresh Start! My only focus in January is to use what I learned from David Mamet in MastClass Online and write! Just write! I’ll continue to post my progress throughout this month! Follow the journey as I share what works, where there are frustrations, and helpful tips!

December is MastClass Online

Join me to develop your novel from NaNoWriMo. We’re going to take our work and get it closer to a finished novel with other best sellers and top talent in the writing world.

Go to to get signed up for a membership online. We’ll enroll in class together.

November is NaNoWriMo!

November is all about using the exercises from last month and forming your next novel. Every year, writers from all over the world join together to reach 50,000 words. Will one month finish your novel? No, but it’s better than doing everything except write. If you’re serious, then you’ll do whatever it takes to get in a few words a day.

This month won’t end here. Join me next month as we take what we created during NaNoWriMo and continue our crafting. I decided that December is going to be a MasterClass month. We’re going to take what we have and get advice from other published authors. I’ll share what I learn in class so that you can use it on your own story. Better yet, join me in the same class. I’ll post the link in December.

~Yoon Ju

October Monthly Challenge!

“The mind travels faster than the pen.” ~ from the Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White

The month of October approached and I worked hard on other 30 day challenges but I realized I didn’t make enough time for my writing. I set a new challenge this month and created a daily challenge to get over writer’s block and the work it takes get my next novel finished.

You can find my daily writing challenges in my blog.

~Yoon Ju


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