Seller Frustration

Last night my life turned into a TikTok because of an update on Etsy. All that was required was an update to my seller information and an update to my bank account. I thought this was only going to take 15 minutes but I was locked out of my frozen account. Nothing was going inContinue reading “Seller Frustration”


This week I opened the door and woke up to a world that belonged in Halloween land. The fog had rolled in and I couldn’t see more than a few houses down. I imagined what would happen if Mother Nature decided to indulge our fantasy worlds and Halloween turned foggy. Taking the every day worldContinue reading “Humpday!”

Zombie Day

I’m racing against the clock tonight and I have half an hour to spare before I turn into a pumpkin again. I just spent all day adding the finishing touches to all my pieces on a few hours of sleep today. I feel out like a zombie, and it fits with all of my HalloweenContinue reading “Zombie Day”

Minnesota State Fair Day!

Guess what day it is in Minnesota! It’s the grand opening of the Minnesota State Fair! Everyone has been waiting to fill their bellies and walk around to see what’s new this year. You’ll see some of us sitting the audience during the live news broadcasts or hear us participating in crazy news station contests.Continue reading “Minnesota State Fair Day!”

The Struggle

I had all the intention of cleaning this weekend and some places did get a scrub. A few made it to the local Good Will to find a new home but my event clutter is still in a pile. Did I mention the new supplies I purchased because I’m a Pinterest addict? Yes, I feelContinue reading “The Struggle”

Weekend Events

This weekend was full of music at the Loud On Lake Street Outdoor Music Festival on Saturday. Our booth The Art Shoppe was a little close to the music speakers but it kept us moving and awake from 11 – 4:30 pm. I was with 3 other artists and we got a front row seatContinue reading “Weekend Events”

Mother Nature In Minnesota

I’m at my writing post again like clockwork and my eyeballs feel like they’ve been under a hairdryer for 8 hours. This weekend my biggest challenge was Minnesota weather and participating in an open flea market that had no wind barriers around a large open field. I set up my tent in the early morningContinue reading “Mother Nature In Minnesota”

Creative Challenges

The clock is ticking and I’m working through logistical problems and cranking out more hand pieces of miniatures for our first flea market experience. Anyone looking to get out of the house near Stillwater, Minnesota are welcome to come visit us from 9 to 3 pm this Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, I won’t forget myContinue reading “Creative Challenges”

Friday Blues

Friday is supposed to be about going out after a week of work and celebrating with everyone who survived the grind but I’ve been silent this week about some not so great news. Earlier this week I received an email that got me really down. I learned that someone broke into our art shop inContinue reading “Friday Blues”

Reinventing Imagination

Working or volunteering in a local art shop every weekend has it’s benefits. I’ve been creating art pieces and writing since middle school. I even remember writing out my own stories with squiggly lines because I hadn’t learned the alphabet. As I grew into an adult, I would sit there and wonder where all thatContinue reading “Reinventing Imagination”

Writing Every Day

Just five minutes a day is all my mind is repeating this week because I didn’t follow the advice of other creators when it comes to store launches. A few people that I’ve followed said not to launch new items in your store after a big event, I should have listened because most of myContinue reading “Writing Every Day”

Spring Into Uptown

One day before the event and I’m running around again. Checking tote once, twice, and a third time. I tell myself I can create one more piece because I like staying up all night and having blood shot eyes from lack of sleep at events. No really, this is my normal. I’m tired but there.Continue reading “Spring Into Uptown”