Day 4 of Visual Story Telling

The last day of our visual story telling is here the day before my next event with my miniatures. I’m excited because my eyes will be filled with the creations of other artists and crafters. Being able to show and sell my handmade minis is also a benefit. While I’m at my event this weekend,Continue reading “Day 4 of Visual Story Telling”

Day 2 of Visual Story Telling

Welcome to the beginning of a new month and a new kind of prompt from yesterday. We’re doing all visuals for the rest of the week to help capture the imagery stuck in your head but not seen by your audience in your story. This week is a way of thinking out loud or onContinue reading “Day 2 of Visual Story Telling”

Quiet Friday

The roads went quiet yesterday morning and I spent it watching life feed road cameras. The roads were covered and the few cars I did see moving along I hoped were emergency workers or those who didn’t need to make a coffee run. Many places did close or had call-ins. Skeleton crews were running theContinue reading “Quiet Friday”

After the Show

The show is over and I spent all day yesterday relaxing and doing nothing. Long stretches of napping did wonders for my body after a few weeks of restless sleeping. The fact that I needed that much sleep tells me that I need to give myself more time to rest during busy weeks. Thinking aboutContinue reading “After the Show”

Winter Extremes

Last night, I sat shivering under the covers and writing my post thinking about all those experiencing the same chilling weather all over the country. I can’t imagine what those down south think about the kind of winters events that are normal to us up here. I saw cats on ice all over the placeContinue reading “Winter Extremes”

Researching Business Tools

After being under the weather for most of last week, I had to use the weekend to focus on my goals for this year. My husband and I organized, threw out some old clutter, and put up a calendar to keep track of our business this year. I binged on a variety of videos fromContinue reading “Researching Business Tools”


Thursday is here and I’m taking today to recognize and celebrate that my husband and I reached our goal this past year for participating in craft and art shows around Minnesota. Recently, we sat down at our favorite cafe and planned for this year to reach an even higher goal for our handmades. Inside myContinue reading “Milestones”

Happy New Year!

The ringing of the New Year bells may be ringing a little too loudly for those celebrated the coming a new beginning with too much enthusiasm. Another year to a writer means new books to read, more writing, and creating a new list of to-do’s. Maybe this will be the year that you sign thatContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Seller Frustration

Last night my life turned into a TikTok because of an update on Etsy. All that was required was an update to my seller information and an update to my bank account. I thought this was only going to take 15 minutes but I was locked out of my frozen account. Nothing was going inContinue reading “Seller Frustration”


This week I opened the door and woke up to a world that belonged in Halloween land. The fog had rolled in and I couldn’t see more than a few houses down. I imagined what would happen if Mother Nature decided to indulge our fantasy worlds and Halloween turned foggy. Taking the every day worldContinue reading “Humpday!”

Zombie Day

I’m racing against the clock tonight and I have half an hour to spare before I turn into a pumpkin again. I just spent all day adding the finishing touches to all my pieces on a few hours of sleep today. I feel out like a zombie, and it fits with all of my HalloweenContinue reading “Zombie Day”

Minnesota State Fair Day!

Guess what day it is in Minnesota! It’s the grand opening of the Minnesota State Fair! Everyone has been waiting to fill their bellies and walk around to see what’s new this year. You’ll see some of us sitting the audience during the live news broadcasts or hear us participating in crazy news station contests.Continue reading “Minnesota State Fair Day!”