After the Show

The show is over and I spent all day yesterday relaxing and doing nothing. Long stretches of napping did wonders for my body after a few weeks of restless sleeping. The fact that I needed that much sleep tells me that I need to give myself more time to rest during busy weeks. Thinking aboutContinue reading “After the Show”

City Tour Through Books

The end of the week is coming and I need a break from my AI immersion. Like a child I’ve asked the AI all kinds of questions to test the limitations of the software but my love for personal experiences still drives my brain. I need books created by humans. I want to know theContinue reading “City Tour Through Books”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

During this winter blast my husband and I managed to make it to a few family holiday celebrations for appetizers, a brunch, and several sweet treats. Somehow I managed to keep my plates small and my stomach not feeling as bloated. However, the mix of dairy make the tummy rumble a few times but itContinue reading “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays”

Holiday Escape

There’s a only a few days before Christmas is finally here and Minnesota truly is a frozen tundra. This year holiday, I’m thankful for buying that oversized, puffy pink coat that was a little more expensive because I’m as warm as Eskimo in an igloo. I’m waddling around like a pink penguin, warm and happyContinue reading “Holiday Escape”

Midnight Snow

This I like many other Minnesotans survived another winter storm and driving around this week, the scenery looks like a midwest Christmas card. Trees were topped with fluffy layers of white snow in the cities and the sides of the streets are still lined with a good blanket of the same fluff. Sitting under myContinue reading “Midnight Snow”

Electric Moments

This week my life got a jolt of the wrong kind. The coil inside my electric oven decided to go haywire and I heard the sound of someone sticking a fork in a toaster as my lunch cooked in the oven. Sparks flew and my heart jumped to my throat. My lunch flew out ofContinue reading “Electric Moments”

Sunday Posting

Some time has passed and I haven’t posted. This time off has been good and bad. Having more time for other things more festive have been a blessing but part of me feels off track. I guess this means that putting my own prompts into practice have created the habit I desired. Since Sunday hasContinue reading “Sunday Posting”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is our traditional family Thanksgiving and this year my husband was blessed with a matching sweater that says, “Gobble until you wobble!” I had to include another holiday so that we show up to family events matching. Christmas always includes our matching ugly sweaters. We arrived at my parents late last night after IContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

NaNoWriMo Month

How is everybody doing out there during the month of NaNoWriMo? Mine is off to a slow start and I’ve been taking a much needed break because of all the events that I’ve been involved in this year. During my quiet week I had one of those moments when you’re driving in your car andContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Month”

Day #1 of NaNoWriMo

There’s an hour before the first day of NaNoWriMo is over and I’m busy typing away because I didn’t want to miss getting in some writing. Yes, I’m counting blogging as writing because it’s what I can do at the moment. My fingers are sticky and stinging because I had some hot glue misses. I’veContinue reading “Day #1 of NaNoWriMo”

Day #31: Happy Halloween

Congratulations! You made it through 31 days of Preptober and our final day is here on Halloween. So treat your story to a free day to tweak away. Add the elements you need, take out the extras you don’t need. The choice is yours on the final day. Take a look at all the piecesContinue reading “Day #31: Happy Halloween”

Day #30: Subtraction Day

Sunday is here and I’m heading to day #2 of my Fall Bonanza craft sale event in Minnesota. I think I had icicles hanging off my nose on the artificial turf of the Woodbury Sports Center. My guess is they rely on body heat of athletes playing sports instead of stationary handmade artists. No matterContinue reading “Day #30: Subtraction Day”