The Gaming World

After this weekend, I understand why I traded our Xbox for an iPad. My husband recently acquired a game controller for an Xbox one and it was a bad idea. Why? My plans to get more things on my writing list were deterred by a game on our tv and a new controller. It wasContinue reading “The Gaming World”

New Book Release Coming Soon!

The end of the week is finally here and my fingers are itching. I’m so close to pushing the publish button, it’s hard to hold myself back because I take my own advice. I need to do a few more rounds of proofs before I launch my next journal. Yes, the big day is finallyContinue reading “New Book Release Coming Soon!”

Traveling the World Through Books

My list of books is growing for 2022. I decided that my first books of the new year are going to help me travel the world through words, since many borders that I want to cross are closed. My fingers just pressed the buy button and a new book by, David Damrosch. I’m about toContinue reading “Traveling the World Through Books”

Food For Thought

Last evening was another glimpse of sunlight after 4:00 pm. Again, my eyes drifted up to the orange colored sky in the east and I started to think of ice cream. An orange dreamsicle sat on the tip of my tongue and my mouth watered a little bit in the middle of traffic. Yes, somethingContinue reading “Food For Thought”

Zombie Wednesday

I’m not in the genre of writing Apocolyptic novels but I feel another episode creeping in again. In Minnesota, the cold weather and storms means filling up your gas tank and getting errands done before the snow piles up and traffic crawls. It also means getting grocery shopping done early so that you don’t endContinue reading “Zombie Wednesday”

Growing Pains

I know a few people who had the Monday’s around me and I tried not to let it become too contagious but some people have trouble turning the corner into a new year. Everyone deals with change differently. Instead of staring at 2022 with and feeling overwhelmed, I started to ask other people what theyContinue reading “Growing Pains”

Author to Author

The first Monday of 2022 is here and I started out the first day of the month with a touch base meeting with one of the Coauthors to the book I’m editing. I shared my experience of previous book edits and the timeline never changes be I’ve published my own or someone else’s novel. TheContinue reading “Author to Author”

Writing in 2022!

The clock struck midnight and I was actually up this time watching the ball drop on TV as the New Year rang in. There was a client click of our fake champagne (the real stuff gives me a headache), and a kiss on the sofa. There were no parties or get together with everything goingContinue reading “Writing in 2022!”