Sunday Posting

Some time has passed and I haven’t posted. This time off has been good and bad. Having more time for other things more festive have been a blessing but part of me feels off track. I guess this means that putting my own prompts into practice have created the habit I desired.

Since Sunday has been my normal time to write my posts, I couldn’t wait another day. I think I’m going to go through the steps I posted in October to fix my own plot holes and areas that fell flat. Part of my brain is always reworking things that didn’t quite work in my stories but I still have work to go on my next novel.

Of course, the many things I want to accomplish in the coming year are going to compete against my desire to hit the publish button again but this is the way my muses and life seem to work. When I want to write new opportunities for my art pop-up. Then, when I want to work in my art my brain gives me a brilliant idea for one of my stories.

I’ve learned to stop fighting this conflict that I have in my own life. Fighting a good idea for my art or writing feels like a waste of inspiration. Yes, I use prompts to try to rein in some discipline but going with my natural tendencies causes less anxiety and stress. Maybe my brain needs breaks from my creative outlets and needs to switch back and forth to keep me somewhat sane.

In other words, there’s times when I let my brain loose to do what it pleases. Then, I sprinkle in months that stick to a schedule. The point is to keep the brain engaged, active, and to know when a break should be on the schedule.

I hope everyone has time to celebrate with family and friends as we move into a new year! I wish you all happy writing fingers during this holiday time!

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~Yoon Ju

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I’m an author in Minnesota who started out writing and illustrating Children’s books. I’ve published poetry and adult Romance Novels. I created my website and social media to reach out to other writers because the process can be lonely. I wanted to reach out to readers, writers, and those with a dream of finishing “that” novel. I share the advice of other writers and the tools I use to create my stories.

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