Midnight Snow

This I like many other Minnesotans survived another winter storm and driving around this week, the scenery looks like a midwest Christmas card. Trees were topped with fluffy layers of white snow in the cities and the sides of the streets are still lined with a good blanket of the same fluff. Sitting under myContinue reading “Midnight Snow”

Electric Moments

This week my life got a jolt of the wrong kind. The coil inside my electric oven decided to go haywire and I heard the sound of someone sticking a fork in a toaster as my lunch cooked in the oven. Sparks flew and my heart jumped to my throat. My lunch flew out ofContinue reading “Electric Moments”

Sunday Posting

Some time has passed and I haven’t posted. This time off has been good and bad. Having more time for other things more festive have been a blessing but part of me feels off track. I guess this means that putting my own prompts into practice have created the habit I desired. Since Sunday hasContinue reading “Sunday Posting”

Mini Vacation Time

I hope everyone had some time to create some Christmas memories this year. I said create because sometimes we need to make our own when life decides to give us ones we’d rather not have. There’s still time to have a better 2021 and ring in the New Year right. You may see a fewContinue reading “Mini Vacation Time”

Merry Christmas!

One of my favorite times of year is finally here and I’m writing from mom and dad’s kitchen table this morning. The Minnesota crock pots are all lined up and ready for wild rice soup and appetizers. My family has the tradition of making tons of appetizers of all kinds instead of a big meal.Continue reading “Merry Christmas!”

Christmas Dinner Parties

Last night was our first mini get-together with old work friends to exchange stories of co-workers of Christmas past. Our table was a little different this year because the past few we weren’t able to get together for everyone’s health and safety. This year was our first time seeing each other after many of usContinue reading “Christmas Dinner Parties”

Paying It Forward

The week of Christmas is going to be a short blog week because I always wait until later to talk about my family and husband. Traditions, memories, and annoyances make it into my posts because I write about the life of a writer on top of sharing writing prompts. Speaking of the writing life, fittingContinue reading “Paying It Forward”

Fantasy Writing Week

The day ended and I had to take a deep breathe. Answering the incoming emails and catching up on tasks made me do a double take in late afternoon. The last time I looked at the clock it was lunchtime and then the end of the day was there in a the blink of anContinue reading “Fantasy Writing Week”

Christmas Fantasy Week

The week of Christmas is here and in the blink of an eye it will be gone and the New Year will be here. I started celebrating and getting into the spirit around Halloween and every year I don’t want the festivities and celebrations to end. There’s something about the lights, decorations, and all thingsContinue reading “Christmas Fantasy Week”

Entrepreneur Day

The end of the week is here and we are a week before the holiday last minute frenzy begins. Finding and following other people who I consider top performers when it comes to reaching goals, I found a video of 29 year old entrepreneur, Charlie Chang. He posted his “A Day in the Life ofContinue reading “Entrepreneur Day”

Writing Struggles

Sometimes we struggle as writers and we need a little help. This was one of the reasons I started writing prompts. Today, is another helpful tip for one of those moments. Keeping the ink flowing can feel like a circus act and we wonder where we’re going to get our next novel idea. No oneContinue reading “Writing Struggles”

Christmas Presents

You ever have one of those mornings that feel like a black cloud swallowed your day? The middle of my week started out with a loud bang, clang, and grind and I had to turn around to bring my car into the mechanic. Being someone who doesn’t ever want to buy a new car again,Continue reading “Christmas Presents”