Entrepreneur Day

The end of the week is here and we are a week before the holiday last minute frenzy begins. Finding and following other people who I consider top performers when it comes to reaching goals, I found a video of 29 year old entrepreneur, Charlie Chang. He posted his “A Day in the Life of a 7-Firgure Entrepreneur” so that others can follow along in his daily routine. I believe that following the habits of other people you find successful will help you achieve similar success.

One thing that got my attention in the beginning of his daily life video was that he start out his day with meditation and a 5 minute free write without stopping. Writers take note. I know many of you are like me, and like to write late into the evening but I do find that doing things in the morning before interruptions begin that I have more energy.

What am I getting at? You don’t have to do 30 days of crazy prompts. Hmm. That sounds like a future journal of mine waiting to happen. You just need to set aside time for free writing. Five minutes. Maybe this is your first baby step into forming a habit. Audio record your thoughts for five minutes and blurt it all out, then write it out at night if that’s how you have to roll.

The point is to let the words fall out without editing. Those who follow me, know that I’m about writing raw when it comes to prompts and exercises. This is about getting down to the essentials of words. Simple and raw. Then, build to add to your normal range of vocabulary.

Wonder what happened to Charlie? Well, he went for an early morning workout session, showered, and then proceeded to have tax strategy session that he pays for to help him with his finances. The next part perked my interest again because he said that he plans out his whole day on his phone calendar when he wants to have a more focused and productive day.

The New Year is coming. It’s time to slap up those calendars again and get planning. Don’t burn yourself out in the first week. Plan free days or time for fun. Then, fill the rest with ways to get your novel done or whatever your next goal is.

If you continue follow Charlie’s day, you even get a few book recommendations that help you find a product to sell and provide business advice. His advice will help you get started with understanding the business side of the writing world. This might even help you with your book because we need to have a novel that stands out in an ocean of books.

I do have to warn you that he doesn’t go in depth with the businesses he runs. You’ll have to follow and look through his uploads for more information. What this does is gives you a snapshot into the life of someone else who achieved a high financial goal at a young age.

You can find the link to Charlie’s video at https://youtu.be/ht8GODw2Pzw.

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~Yoon Ju

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