Paying It Forward

The week of Christmas is going to be a short blog week because I always wait until later to talk about my family and husband. Traditions, memories, and annoyances make it into my posts because I write about the life of a writer on top of sharing writing prompts.

Speaking of the writing life, fitting in moments for fantasy writing is far and few in between. I looked at my introduction redo to my shifter novel and my mind felt like sludge. The gears didn’t want to turn and it was getting late. The good news is I let it sit for a while and I don’t feel like throwing it out. That’s miraculous for me. I’m the 1,000 page redo Queen. It’s part of my crazy and one reason it takes me longer to publish.

Coming up to the middle of the week. I sent off a mini round of edits for a few pages for my two authors again. There’s been some back and forth over wording and word order, and it made me laugh because we spend so much time over where to insert commas and whether or not we have the right verb.

After so many edits, I might end up dreaming of piles of paper and words that are spilling of the page into a storm. I blew out a breath when I hit send fo the second night in a row. This time is so critical for my soon to be authors. You’re at the end and exhausted but you must keep going and then jump into the marketing phase of promoting the heck out of what you took months or years to create.

When my computer closed I stared at my big screen and felt – well, blah. For fear of losing the Christmas spirit, I watched a few YouTubes about people who paid it forward in the Holidays. It seems like we see 2 extremes during this time of year. We run into the cold-hearted and life sucking negative nellies, or we run into those who think about how to help and give to other people.

During these past up and down years, I hope you run into those who are kind hearted, help you, and give. If you don’t run into those people, then be one yourself. Because someone has to in this world, even if it just feels like you at the moment. I hope you feel a little less lonely being kind this year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays this week!

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~Yoon Ju

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