Funny Titles

I stepped outside the other day and almost turned around to go hide under my blankets as soon as I saw some white fluffy stuff falling onto the ground. No lambs crossed the Wisconsin border to have a sheering party in my backyard. Spring is supposed to be here but this is Minnesota and itContinue reading “Funny Titles”

Miniature Fantasy

My world is still miniature this week as I spend time surrounded by my art supplies and needle tools. Trying to make things the size of a fingertip or smaller take more time that big sculptures. All this creating got me thinking about literary worlds. This week, Alice must have taken a drink of theContinue reading “Miniature Fantasy”

Marching Out

I’m ready to march out of this month and into a warmer month. Our yo-yo weather that happens when season begin to change really do give us cabin fever in Minnesota. When we think it’s going to warm up, it snows the next day. Those who don’t live here will think they’ve moved somewhere extremeContinue reading “Marching Out”

Cozy Places

My days that I took off for self-care and more naps returned me to an place that I found with my husband more than 5 years ago. Had it been that long? I love neighborhood places and one that has a bakery is at the top of my list. Tucked away in a corner ofContinue reading “Cozy Places”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today, the Irish music will play and my crock pot will fill our home with the smell of salty meat and soft, yellow cabbage, and carrots. I might have to pick up a loaf of soda bread if there’s no time to make one but there will be more butter. I might not dye everythingContinue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

Irish Cooking Day

Inflation or not, I had to check the fridge again for my corned beef and cabbage. My mom’s only secret ingredient is adding lots of butter during holidays. I call it pats of love. That salty meat is getting lots of love this week and so is that cabbage. I’m one who thinks any kindContinue reading “Irish Cooking Day”

Jig Day

It’s only Tuesday and I’m doing the jig in my seat. I was going to wait until the 17th but my head is filled with corned beef, cabbage, and Irish dancers. Yesterday, I spoke about taking a trip down memory lane, well I saw an ad that Riverdance was coming to Mystic Lake in Minnesota.Continue reading “Jig Day”

My Late Valentine

Last night, my late Valentine, browsed the book shelves again with as me as I snapped photos of the covers that I wanted to put in my decision list before I buy. My eyes went back and forth, over and over. I turned to my husband and said, “I can’t decide! There’s too many books!”Continue reading “My Late Valentine”

Chocolate Break

All this talk of publishing and book marketing sent my mind into a spin. I still have one book to go and I’m trying to hang onto my brain before it sputters to a stop. Last night, I needed a reminder of why I continue to go through this book journey over and over again.Continue reading “Chocolate Break”

Book Marketing

The celebration confetti flew earlier and I’m already into what happens after you hit the publish button. Following my own advice, I’ve posting in blog and linked away. The next few weeks are going to be a flurry of posts and some in-depth sharing on my results when I use the automated campaigns in AmazonContinue reading “Book Marketing”

Triple Publishing Week!

Triple publishing is real this week! Corks are popping this week and you can hear the bubbles popping in front of our computers this week. All the editing rounds were approved and cover options finalized! Yes, we are authors this week! The last few nights of my week were filled with zoom meetings as weContinue reading “Triple Publishing Week!”

The One

Last night, I discovered writing playlists created by other writers on YouTube. Then, I switched to party music before some random channels started playing and my catlike eyes lifted up to the screen when some soft bamboo music started to play. My body relaxed as I watch the snow up from the ground and towardContinue reading “The One”