Fairy and Fantasy Stories

Yesterday, I was driving to pick up my husband after work and listening to some retro music when my recent creations of fantasy books made out of clay and mythical creatures took over. My mind drifted back to a few old stories that I started to write about a Fae kingdom and a family ofContinue reading “Fairy and Fantasy Stories”

AI Writing

This week I decided to play in the open source AI platforms to see what kinds of answers are generated and what it can really do. Many business people are using this kind of AI to write marketing headlines, newsletters, and marketing materials. My experience following other people using CHATGPT vary from people using thisContinue reading “AI Writing”

Happy New Year!

The ringing of the New Year bells may be ringing a little too loudly for those celebrated the coming a new beginning with too much enthusiasm. Another year to a writer means new books to read, more writing, and creating a new list of to-do’s. Maybe this will be the year that you sign thatContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Day #15: Tension

Since we worked on our relationships yesterday, it only seems fitting that we create some more tension throughout our story. We’re building the layers into our novel and this is another way to add interest to our characters and the places where we have our main points. I could use an onion reference but IContinue reading “Day #15: Tension”

Zombie Day

I’m racing against the clock tonight and I have half an hour to spare before I turn into a pumpkin again. I just spent all day adding the finishing touches to all my pieces on a few hours of sleep today. I feel out like a zombie, and it fits with all of my HalloweenContinue reading “Zombie Day”

Weekend Events

This weekend was full of music at the Loud On Lake Street Outdoor Music Festival on Saturday. Our booth The Art Shoppe was a little close to the music speakers but it kept us moving and awake from 11 – 4:30 pm. I was with 3 other artists and we got a front row seatContinue reading “Weekend Events”

Colors of Character

Ideas are floating in my head and I’m trying to find an anchor for one of them to get a few projects completed in the next few weeks. I have the job of creating a simple logo but it’s not so simple. Taking a design and stripping it down to it’s core element has neverContinue reading “Colors of Character”

Mother Nature In Minnesota

I’m at my writing post again like clockwork and my eyeballs feel like they’ve been under a hairdryer for 8 hours. This weekend my biggest challenge was Minnesota weather and participating in an open flea market that had no wind barriers around a large open field. I set up my tent in the early morningContinue reading “Mother Nature In Minnesota”

Writing Every Day

Just five minutes a day is all my mind is repeating this week because I didn’t follow the advice of other creators when it comes to store launches. A few people that I’ve followed said not to launch new items in your store after a big event, I should have listened because most of myContinue reading “Writing Every Day”

Observation and Asking Questions

As we get to the end of the week, it’s time to update you on how my class is going. When I hit play for my Master Class with David Sedaris, I felt like I was sitting down with him in the same room. His advice wasn’t too over the top or complicated when itContinue reading “Observation and Asking Questions”

We Are Published!

Triple Publishing Update! This is the last full week fo the month and 2 books are published this month! I have my author copy in hand for my new book, Imagine, Inspire, Create: 52 weeks of action and gratitude. Those of you who follow me on TikTok saw my unboxing video this past weekend. TheContinue reading “We Are Published!”

Triple Publishing Week!

Triple publishing is real this week! Corks are popping this week and you can hear the bubbles popping in front of our computers this week. All the editing rounds were approved and cover options finalized! Yes, we are authors this week! The last few nights of my week were filled with zoom meetings as weContinue reading “Triple Publishing Week!”