My Unautopiloted Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the readers and writers out there! I don’t know if you’re sitting next to a cup of coffee, wine, or someone warm, but I hope you’re using this day to fill the ink in your pens. Whether you’re alone or with someone there’s plenty of scenarios, excitements, and disasters onContinue reading “My Unautopiloted Romance”

Winter Extremes

Last night, I sat shivering under the covers and writing my post thinking about all those experiencing the same chilling weather all over the country. I can’t imagine what those down south think about the kind of winters events that are normal to us up here. I saw cats on ice all over the placeContinue reading “Winter Extremes”

Winter Activities

I hope your prompting is going well this week. Are you feeling the love in the air, or something else? Everyone I’ve spoken with up North can’t wait to thaw out. January doesn’t want to let go easily as our temperatures dipped below zero every night this week. On the bright side, my husband pointedContinue reading “Winter Activities”

A Writer’s Life

The last few days of the month are here already and things are ramping up in my studio. I spent all weekend making a miniature dragon, a seal, and some new earrings to get ready for our first show of the year. As I create and inch closer to my goals this year, I continueContinue reading “A Writer’s Life”

Tortoise or Hare?

When I arrived home last night, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything other than watch videos and sit on sofa. Running around all day and dealing with details left me drained of energy. I usually feel this right before dinner time. I suppose it didn’t help that I didn’t take time to haveContinue reading “Tortoise or Hare?”

A Good Cry

Why stop with one day of writing prompts when you can have another today? I hope you were able to get some writing in with yesterday’s prompt on dogs and sweaters. I thought of that one because I needed to lighten up after a hard day, and I needed an image that makes me smile.Continue reading “A Good Cry”

Writing Prompt Day!

For me, a new year is always a time for reflection and for setting new goals. I think about the progress and setbacks of my experiences over the past year. Spending so much thinking, I realized I missed the reason I started this blog – to get out of my writer’s block. I find thatContinue reading “Writing Prompt Day!”

Goal Update

The calendar and event planning is still taking place as my husband and I sign up for events throughout the year to reach our goal with are handmade clay miniatures and 3D printed decor. Climbing the mountain is still a daunting task, but I always fall back to my prompting advice. I tell myself toContinue reading “Goal Update”

My Dream City

The end of the week is here and I’m looking forward to the weekend. It’s been one of those weeks. Listening to my audio books, I’m trying to keep my mind focused on the work I need to do right now but it’s hard to fight the urge to search for apartments in Paris. InContinue reading “My Dream City”

AI Exploration Continues

I’m still playing with CHATGPT as the week moves forward and I thought I would ask the AI to shares ideas on how to be more creative since we’re at the start of a new year. I’m sharing the results of what I received back and I’ll let you be the judge of whether orContinue reading “AI Exploration Continues”

AI Writing

This week I decided to play in the open source AI platforms to see what kinds of answers are generated and what it can really do. Many business people are using this kind of AI to write marketing headlines, newsletters, and marketing materials. My experience following other people using CHATGPT vary from people using thisContinue reading “AI Writing”

Researching Business Tools

After being under the weather for most of last week, I had to use the weekend to focus on my goals for this year. My husband and I organized, threw out some old clutter, and put up a calendar to keep track of our business this year. I binged on a variety of videos fromContinue reading “Researching Business Tools”