Valentine Temptation

I think my only goal for tomorrow is to sleep in late and not feel guilty. This is a reward for keeping up my posts during an extremely action packed and busy week while keeping up one of my writing goals. The blog has worked wonders since I started a few years ago. This isContinue reading “Valentine Temptation”

Homework Day Again

Class is in session again today because I just watched another part of the Master Class with David Sedaris. He had another point that I would like to share. I don’t know how many of you carry around your phones or notebooks to take notes when inspiration strikes but he had advice that needs toContinue reading “Homework Day Again”

Adulting Writers

My intentions at the start of this week were to be as productive with my time, as every week is but my writer mind get distracted by other people’s stories. Having enough time to read new authors and write, mixed in with other interests makes daily choices difficult. At the start of each day IContinue reading “Adulting Writers”

After You Publish

What are the next steps once you publish your book? Besides telling everyone you know that you’re now a published author, get your marketing campaign in order. Those who publish on Amazon or other digital platforms will want to take advantage of their marketing ads. Then, blast your social media with posts and ways forContinue reading “After You Publish”

Imaginary Pets

Earlier this week I wrote about imaginary dragons, and I had another idea. If you had an imaginary pet or friend walking beside you, what would it be? I have to ask because I know the answers from writers would be very different from other groups. You have to wonder what people in other professionsContinue reading “Imaginary Pets”

Sleepless In Minnesota

The middle of the week is here and I’m thinking about my sleepless in Minnesota week. Looking back, I guess I can’t complain because my sleepless hours let me get a lot of work done. My up in the middle of the night with the moon as my company helped me finish some art pieces.Continue reading “Sleepless In Minnesota”

Crazy Pen

Did I hear the zoom ring again on my phone? Oh, yes I did. Our triumph as authors with the push of the publishing button, faded the next day. I received a panicked text from one of my fellow authors, and she made me smile. She’s worried about putting her first book, and everything hasContinue reading “Crazy Pen”

The Big Conversion

The is going to spill over into Valentine’s weekend because the review period for my book and the other two new authors is over! We only had to wait 72 hours and this is more exciting news for writers looking to publish their book. The last fews years extended review times and all those journalsContinue reading “The Big Conversion”

Round 2 of Publishing!

The zoom parties just don’t end. Instead of being up all night finalizing a manuscript, I screen shared with my two new authors to do several rounds of tweaking to remove any errors in the preview launcher. Those who publish online with Amazon know what I’m talking about. Those yellow triangles that tell you whenContinue reading “Round 2 of Publishing!”

Triple Publishing Week!

Triple publishing is real this week! Corks are popping this week and you can hear the bubbles popping in front of our computers this week. All the editing rounds were approved and cover options finalized! Yes, we are authors this week! The last few nights of my week were filled with zoom meetings as weContinue reading “Triple Publishing Week!”

Fantasy Writing Prompt

The second night of writing music continued, and I was treated to the soundtracks from Studio Ghibli movies. Instead of levitating snowflakes. Yellow flower petals softly fell down in the foreground of a small Japanese village overlooking the sea. One school girl made her way down a winding hill with her bag in front ofContinue reading “Fantasy Writing Prompt”

The One

Last night, I discovered writing playlists created by other writers on YouTube. Then, I switched to party music before some random channels started playing and my catlike eyes lifted up to the screen when some soft bamboo music started to play. My body relaxed as I watch the snow up from the ground and towardContinue reading “The One”