Early Bird

Before the end of the week I’ve been busy getting all my errands done before last minute crowds head to the grocery stores and other places before the Sunday. This weekend is going to busy with those celebrating Valentine’s Day early and the big game. I’m hoping getting things done early will help me avoidContinue reading “Early Bird”

Valentine Temptation

I think my only goal for tomorrow is to sleep in late and not feel guilty. This is a reward for keeping up my posts during an extremely action packed and busy week while keeping up one of my writing goals. The blog has worked wonders since I started a few years ago. This isContinue reading “Valentine Temptation”

Secret Rendezvous

Friday is here and I have a date with a few books. Instead of a night out in a fancy dress and heels, I’m curling up with popcorn and few good books. I need to return to my story bubble to get back into the novel I started to rework at the beginning of theContinue reading “Secret Rendezvous”

Love Notes

I was getting ready for today’s prompt when something wonderful happened. My forgetful nature of setting things down and forgetting them gave me a surprise. I hid a Valentine’s Day card for my husband in one of the books I’m reading, and it made me smile. I thought, “What a great surprise to give someone,Continue reading “Love Notes”

Writing Time

Following my own prompts and sharing of resources for writers, it’s time to put own a short of my own. I need to practice my own story telling. I wrote a short piece for today. This may turn into a longer story in the future. My inspiration was the new novel that I started thisContinue reading “Writing Time”

November NaNoWriMo!

Last night, meant a special Halloween Dinner after making my husband run around to several different stores. There’s nothing like a kettle full of cheap beer steaming Atlantic crab. Good thing they didn’t know I purchased after suffering sticker shock of another box mislabeled sitting next to them. I wanted a romantic dinner but notContinue reading “November NaNoWriMo!”

Dogs and Coffee

Someone I know had to go to the chiropractor last week because their lab size dog took off, and they did a face plant in the back yard.  At least, they weren’t rollerblading down the sidewalk or downtown during the middle of the day for everyone to see them.  I know the videos of dogsContinue reading “Dogs and Coffee”

Day #3 At the Cabin

The arrival of the weekend is perfect for writing prompt Day #3 at the cabin. Many of us are watching the clock like we’re at the launch pad of all the rockets this week. We’re ready to leave the city and head to our cabins. Why not use this as an opportunity to write aContinue reading “Day #3 At the Cabin”