Change In Seasons

A change in the month, signals the change of seasons up North.  Maybe there are a few more weeks left of hot summer weather but my mind is already thinking about fall and Preptober.  It’s time for all of us to get back into our novels after some summer hiatus.  This is also our lastContinue reading “Change In Seasons”

Minnesota State Fair

The end of August is here, and Minnesotan’s are bracing for the inevitable as the days move into fall.  We all hope there is a fall every year because we love having 4 seasons, not two.  This weekend I survived the thunder and sporadic rain.  Most importantly, I indulged in every fair food on myContinue reading “Minnesota State Fair”

Social Media Tips

Opening day of the Minnesota State Fair was filled with downpours, hail, and thunder. It’s a good thing I’m not going for a few days because it’s been a rainy week. No one here would complain about the showers because our lawns look a California brown this year. I’ve said it before, I live upContinue reading “Social Media Tips”

Countdown Is On!

The countdown was going all week and we’re one day away from the Minnesota State Fair!  The crowds are waiting for the gates to open and my belly is fasting until I can fill it with all the fair food I can find.  It’s a day of indulgence and the excuse of “walking the caloriesContinue reading “Countdown Is On!”

Hump Day!

Is it the middle of the week already?  I think I need to hump something.  Yes, I did just write that sentence.  What I really mean is that I need to get my next journal over any  detours that bring me closer to the finish line.  All the events and help I’ve been giving otherContinue reading “Hump Day!”

Summary Content

Tuesday is here but I’m still thinking about the weekend.  Have you ever had to hunt down zebra or elephant cards with phrases on them?  Well, that’s what I did while I was in The Art Shoppe on Sunday.  I started to look at the variety of cards from different artists and some of themContinue reading “Summary Content”

Social Media Tips

The week has started again and I’m thinking about pronto pups, funnel cakes, and Matha’s Cookies.  Yes!  The Minnesota State Fair begins and I already have my ticket.  I will be wandering around safely but with my mouth watering like everyone else who missed the fair last year.  Last year was modified to tickets toContinue reading “Social Media Tips”

Grade School Ideas for Adults

Midnight passed last night and my mind decided to wake up again.  I wandered down the hallway in the dark thinking about my next show.  An image of my books sitting on the corner, waiting to be signed passed through my mind and then new ideas started to form.  The next thing I knew, YouTubeContinue reading “Grade School Ideas for Adults”

Summer Vacation Is Here!

The end of August is a few weeks again and I feel a shift in the air.  Soon, Preptober will be here for the writing community and I will post my progress.  This year, I may also participate in Inktober because I never make anything easy.  Knowing what’s ahead my blog posts may go quietContinue reading “Summer Vacation Is Here!”