Minnesota State Fair

The end of August is here, and Minnesotan’s are bracing for the inevitable as the days move into fall.  We all hope there is a fall every year because we love having 4 seasons, not two.  This weekend I survived the thunder and sporadic rain.  Most importantly, I indulged in every fair food on my list this year.  I was determined to get everything I missed last year.  It was hot, sticky, and rain that fell toward the evening felt cool on my skin.  I thought I saw steam coming up from my skin as I stood there, trying to get cooled off.

My husband and I traveled through the agriculture building to see the larger pumpkin that came in at a whopping 1104 lbs.  All of the prize winners had to be trucked in on pallets because they looked more like giant rocks than pumpkins.  Seeing vegetables bigger than your head is a new kind of experience.

As art lover, we zig zagged our way through the crowds and into the art building.  All pieces were selected and juried by a panel, and it’s an honor to get into the exhibit.  Lately, I’ve been into pieces that just simply make me laugh.  This year it was a metal, almost steam punk pig standing on a 3 kegs in some kind of balancing act.  I stood for a while in front of other pieces wondering how long it took them to get all the detail in their artwork.  Every brush stroke counts.  I even saw one artist who painted cabins in the woods and through the windows you could see the interior details of the cabin.  She painted the paintings on the wall that were less that were 1 inch by 1 inch. 

Did I mention that none of the buildings are air conditioned?  Yes, the only thing that kept the temperatures cool inside were the fans and the wind through the open doors.  The 80 plus degree sun didn’t beat down on my black hair when inside but it still didn’t stop the sheen of sweat on my skin from forming. 

I took my husband in tow through the streets, back and forth, and up into the sky ride that goes from one end of the fair to the other in the rain so that we could take in the sights and sit.  We walked around and ate delicious fried food only found at the fair well past sunset.  Our only rule was that we couldn’t buy food that we could at the store or restaurants. 

What was on our list?  Our tummies were filled with giant scotch eggs dipped in honey mustard, Tiny Tim donuts, stacked pork belly over fries and drizzled with sweet chilly sauce, pronto pups, cheese curds (never the same as restaurants), walleye on a stick (it’s a little small in size), deep fried spam (tasted surprisingly good breaded and less salty – I would get this again), and a bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies.  Between the food, we sipped on frozen adult beverages, and cold ice coffee to keep ourselves from going into a food coma. 

We tried our hand at a few games and I came home with a stuffed monster and piggy.  I love playing the frog game because I can do wonders with a rubber mallet and a catapult.  It took me a few tries to hit moving wooden targets with a corked gun but I still hit one for my piggy.  My husband and I weren’t so good at the ring toss onto the bottles or the water spray into a target to get our balloon to inflate the fastest but we still won a few prizes – thank you very much.  Next time, he’ll just have to watch me win all the prizes.

Walking through all the bazaar areas, we found some unique and fun finds that were Minnesota themed.  I thought about how these individuals were like writers when it comes to promoting their books.  There’s something about creating something out of your imagination, and being able to share it other people who appreciate the arts that creates a warm feeling that other mass producers don’t feel.  Our stories and pieces of art are like “only found at the fair” finds.

I don’t know about you but writers are like small business owners, and I make it a point to buy from small businesses before they “make it big”.  This week we should spread the feeling of supporting each other.  Send appreciation or buy from other writers, or small businesses.

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~Yoon Ju

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