Dogs and Coffee

Someone I know had to go to the chiropractor last week because their lab size dog took off, and they did a face plant in the back yard.  At least, they weren’t rollerblading down the sidewalk or downtown during the middle of the day for everyone to see them.  I know the videos of dogs taking off to chase a squirrel with their owner in tow are circulating – and I’m sorry but they make me laugh.

Imagine seeing a dog running past as you sat drinking your coffee in the morning.  The leash flops behind the four legs that thought they saw something small to chase.  The owner is nowhere in sight.  What would you do?  Do you try to catch the ownerless friend?  Would you do it if they were attractive?

Now, picture the furry friend coming to a stop in front of you as you take a bite of your breakfast sandwich.  Those large eyes stare up and the dog licks his lips like he’s hasn’t eaten in a week.  If you see a small dog, they jump up into your lap.  Being an animal lover, you can’t turn those hungry eyes away.  Pets and cuddles follow.

Five minutes pass and you look up to see the most gorgeous person staring down at you breathless.  They sit down across from you with apologies as they try to catch their breath.  Then, they say, “I’m sorry you – Max must of thought you were Laura.”  He heaves in another breath.  “I mean, I’m sorry.  You – don’t look like her but we used to meet here.  You’re sitting in her chair.  She always had one of his treats ready.”

You look over at larger brown eyes.  He’s well toned, even if he’s out of breath.  Despite what he blurted out, you’re thinking of forgiving him.

Write for 5-10 minutes using today’s prompt.  You can insert a male, female, and another dog’s name.

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~Yoon Ju

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