New Writing Prompt Theme: Dogs

I spent the last few weeks creating idea boards, studying other artists, and had all my tools laid out.  I only have until they of the week.  I thought I was set but I had a few moments.  It’s strange that the pieces that turned out were miniature Angry birds.  Working the clay I use to create my realistic miniatures made it too soft and pliable.  My mini Batman had an accident and decided to remain tipped at a 45 degree angle.

The only thing that save this weekend was my visit to a local French pastry shop for breakfast.  At least, I had good food.  And those food miniatures of donuts and croissants also turned out well.  The other pieces will remain in my box of “experiments.” 

Luckily, I have my blog because it’s going to be my escape from not sleeping to meet deadlines and creating new sculpture pieces.  Last week, I set the theme for all cat lovers.  Well, I shouldn’t ignore another popular pet – dogs.  There’s a reason their called “man’s best friend” instead of cats.  Hmm, I don’t think cats care because they understand their own nature.

Taking this a bit further, I remember seeing posts on social media that showed a picture of their dog next to the their own.  The results were hilarious because many of the owners looked similar to their four legged friend.  If anyone ever gives you a hard time during the day, remember that.  Picture them as a pet and you’ll laugh instead of being angry.

Something else interesting is hearing other people who won’t date someone who doesn’t get along with their pet.  Maybe that’s a warning sign for the other party anyway – you hold their silent opinion higher than a potential partner. 

Your thought for today is to think about what happens when an avid cat lover moves in with a avid dog lover.  Will their relationship survive?  Want to challenge yourself?  Write for 5 -10 minutes from the point of view of the pets instead of the owners.

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~Yoon Ju

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