Writing Twists

Seeing the ballet over the weekend had me think about curses. What if you were turned into a swan and couldn’t talk to the person you loved or had a crush on? Many people don’t need a fairytale or performance because this is their reality. How many times have you chickened out and couldn’t talkContinue reading “Writing Twists”

Dancing Swans

This weekend our date night started out with a delicious new place, The Capital Grille, in downtown Minneapolis. The wait staff pranced around in the cream colored dinner jackets, with their crumb sweepers hidden in their pockets. I laughed inward at one of the more flamboyant of the bunch. His movements cried high wait staffContinue reading “Dancing Swans”

Dreaming Awake

The clock kept ticking faster and faster as the day moved into the evening and I couldn’t catch my breath on the hamster wheel. When I tried to stop, I only ending up jumping into another wheel that spun faster. One was working on a report and the next was trying to keep the habitContinue reading “Dreaming Awake”

Do you ever have one of those days when you want to crawl back into bed or start wishing bedtime would come early? Well, that was my yesterday. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to helping people and for some reason everyone decided to call or send a barrage of email questions. MaybeContinue reading

All Things Green

As the clocked struck midnight our month changed over and we left Valentine hearts behind to make way to a bit of Irish luck and 4 leaf clovers. Yes, the month where my mom makes her corned beef and cabbage and dyes everything green is here. I know her Irish music will be turned upContinue reading “All Things Green”

Triple Publishing Accomplished!

The last day of the month is here and my goal of getting all 3 books published was accomplished ! Yes, February was a triple publishing month! The 2 books for my fellow authors were published, along with my newest journal to help creativity. Hitting that publishing button must have created a few more revolutionsContinue reading “Triple Publishing Accomplished!”

My Late Valentine

Last night, my late Valentine, browsed the book shelves again with as me as I snapped photos of the covers that I wanted to put in my decision list before I buy. My eyes went back and forth, over and over. I turned to my husband and said, “I can’t decide! There’s too many books!”Continue reading “My Late Valentine”

Chocolate Break

All this talk of publishing and book marketing sent my mind into a spin. I still have one book to go and I’m trying to hang onto my brain before it sputters to a stop. Last night, I needed a reminder of why I continue to go through this book journey over and over again.Continue reading “Chocolate Break”

Book Marketing

The celebration confetti flew earlier and I’m already into what happens after you hit the publish button. Following my own advice, I’ve posting in blog and linked away. The next few weeks are going to be a flurry of posts and some in-depth sharing on my results when I use the automated campaigns in AmazonContinue reading “Book Marketing”

After You Publish

What are the next steps once you publish your book? Besides telling everyone you know that you’re now a published author, get your marketing campaign in order. Those who publish on Amazon or other digital platforms will want to take advantage of their marketing ads. Then, blast your social media with posts and ways forContinue reading “After You Publish”

We Are Published!

Triple Publishing Update! This is the last full week fo the month and 2 books are published this month! I have my author copy in hand for my new book, Imagine, Inspire, Create: 52 weeks of action and gratitude. Those of you who follow me on TikTok saw my unboxing video this past weekend. TheContinue reading “We Are Published!”

Imaginary Pets

Earlier this week I wrote about imaginary dragons, and I had another idea. If you had an imaginary pet or friend walking beside you, what would it be? I have to ask because I know the answers from writers would be very different from other groups. You have to wonder what people in other professionsContinue reading “Imaginary Pets”