My Late Valentine

Last night, my late Valentine, browsed the book shelves again with as me as I snapped photos of the covers that I wanted to put in my decision list before I buy. My eyes went back and forth, over and over. I turned to my husband and said, “I can’t decide! There’s too many books!” If you heard me, you might have thought I was experience millennial choice anxiety but I wasn’t. It was the cry of elation.

Being surrounded by rows and rows of books reminds me that the dream is still possible. My wandering around the tables and bestsellers continued like the day before I snapped more photos because I was reminded of something by my husband – I can listen to some of the books through Audible. I think he just didn’t want to carry the heavy load tonight as we walked through the Mall of America. Our way of getting in the winter miles of exercise, usually turns into a few detours for low sugar Chatime and some snacks. I mean, we need something to keep going around and exercising. Why else do it?

Getting back to our “exercise walk” through the Mall, we continued out of my bookstore and headed to get something to drink because all that paper made me thirsty. One drink with jellies later, I came to another halt in front of a flashing display sign made just for me. It read, echo buds on sale – this was a one day deal. My eyes grew bright because my husband still owed me a Valentine gift to replace the wrong kind of earbuds. He bought the ones for adult ears, mine are child size, and he had to return them. He had good intentions and it was time for them to become real.

I only jumped up and down because they went with his idea of adding more books to my Audible library. That and blasting of videos or music might wake him up when I can’t sleep and he can. I think we both won last night because I didn’t choose the $200 plus ear buds, and he didn’t have to feel guilty about the Valentine present anymore. The bonus was being able to listen to my audio books with outdated headphones that require a cord. I can move my head side-to-side without jerking the phone off a table.

Look out audio books, here I come! I’ll be busy this weekend testing out my new echo buds and reading the traditional paperback. Normally, I give out a prompt but this weekend your only homework is to start reading or listening a new book.

One of mine is The Paris Bookseller by Kerri Maher. This historical account of an expat that would become known all over world as a refuge for writers. She dared to back controversial authors and published under a company she created. Writers can still stay at Shakespeare and Company in Paris for free as long as they’re working on a book. There might be a wait time but it’s there for us.

Let’s remember as we go into this weekend that loving books can be an extraordinary journey. Be kind and be brave out there!

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~Yoon Ju

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