Round 2 of Publishing!

The zoom parties just don’t end. Instead of being up all night finalizing a manuscript, I screen shared with my two new authors to do several rounds of tweaking to remove any errors in the preview launcher. Those who publish online with Amazon know what I’m talking about. Those yellow triangles that tell you whenContinue reading “Round 2 of Publishing!”

A Poet’s Chair

This week we’re exploring books from around the world and I have to ask, if you could plan a literary tour around the world where would you begin? Would you start in your own country? Or, would you begin your journey on another continent? I’m thinking this might be my idea of a retirement plan.Continue reading “A Poet’s Chair”

My literary tour, Around the World in 80 Books, has seen the light of day. I cracked open the cover to the introduction and right away there was a reference that I’m adding to my list. David Damrosch said he fell into another world as he read, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman.Continue reading

Book Review Update

Have you found your quiet alley yet? Or, wandered through some unknown city? I’m trying by reading a new book but the style wasn’t what I expected. I wanted the poetry of Paris. Yes, the sappy read with a glass a wine and maybe a little romance. The recommended read did make me laugh aContinue reading “Book Review Update”

Summer Writing

Living in Minnesota there’s a line on the highways as the weekend nears that lead to the many lakes throughout the State.  More campers and tents are visible as we try to reconnect with nature and escape the noise of the city.  Trails are filled with hikers, bikers, and explorers looking for exercise and thoseContinue reading “Summer Writing”

Building Your Library

Remember, summer reading clubs as children? Sometimes, we need to create our own summer camp and get through the list of books that we never finished. I know all of you have your own pile at home as story tellers, writers, and content creators. Let’s make a change this summer to get through our pileContinue reading “Building Your Library”