Summer Writing

Living in Minnesota there’s a line on the highways as the weekend nears that lead to the many lakes throughout the State.  More campers and tents are visible as we try to reconnect with nature and escape the noise of the city.  Trails are filled with hikers, bikers, and explorers looking for exercise and those views that make the journey worth the sweat. 

Picture all of those people passing each other on a walking path with their pets, headphones on, and books in hand as lay rest in the shade. Think about those going up to the quiet of a family cabin, or a vacation. Every person that you pass on a walking path, or on the highway is another story. There’s never a lack of anything to write, it’s a matter of getting past the first hump (Sorry, had to to do for Wednesday).

Let’s continue our romance theme and imagine a writer singing along with their playlist at the top of their lungs as they pass you on the highway. They can’t stop smiling because they finally have a long weekend to themselves, and they’re plan is to sit surrounded by the sounds of nature at an old family cabin with the window open. What they didn’t expect was a new neighbor who bought the neighboring cabin from your Aunt and Uncle a few years ago.

The one detail that this writer forgot about, is the one thing that’s going to trigger a moment of drama that’s going to be anything but pretty. She just sat down with her laptop open, cup of fresh coffee as the breeze comes through the window, and the sound of a loud chainsaw begins. Her fingers stop and hover over the keyboard as the sound makes her head vibrate, and it doesn’t stop.

After 10 minutes of staring at her blinking cursor, and closing the window she decides to stomp over and give the source of the noise a piece of her mind. She’s also plans on interrogating them because they’re on her family’s property. Her plan stutters when she rounds the corner of cabin on the other end of the clearing next to hers. Her eyes take in the shirtless beauty but her eyes narrow in determination.

Standing with her hands on her hips, she kicks over a pile of wood and waits for him to turn around. Never mind the chiseled jawline. All she sees is someone who interrupted her next best seller. She ignores the smirk on his face or the way his eyes go over her. Her irritation grows and her foot stomps again.

Now, continue the story or change it. This is your prompt for the day. Have fun. You can even insert yourself into this short. Just go with it and keep going until the end of the week. This is going to give us a head start on our summer travel novel.

Let me know how you’re doing! We’ll continue this tomorrow.

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~Yoon Ju

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