It’s All About Love

The weekend is still spilling over into this week. Yesterday, I shared some of my weekend experience with everyone while I attended a family wedding. Let’s keep thoughts of love rolling for all those romance writers out there, or those who need work on those chapters.

Writing romance doesn’t have to be all about steaming up the windows. Sometimes, it’s a subtle feeling at a dinner table and you turn and look at the person you love. The feeling can bring tears to our eyes, or make our hearts feel like it’s bursting.

Picture love like a light rain coming down outside the window, imagine your characters standing in the drizzle. Can you feel the heat coming through their clothing as they embrace as the cold drops soak into their clothing? This is about creating the mood, atmosphere, and details without having characters physically touch. If your reader can feel the electricity coming out of your characters as they stand next to each other without saying a word, then you’ve turned something good into something real.

The best technique for getting these kinds of chapters is to let your pen fly. Don’t get caught in the rules of grammar, then review and improve as your revise. Think about the things that elevate an okay sentence into something that makes a reader smile. Make them wonder when they had that feeling, or feel teary because this was the moment they were waiting for in previous chapters.

You can write a scene when characters lips come together but how does it feel? I want to know, and so does your reader? The trick is not to overdo it. Don’t complicate it. Just feel. Getting to flowery with language can have the opposite effect you’re trying to convey in your writing.

Not feeling the love today? Then, write the chapter you deserve. Better yet, write the chapter a hero deserves after a long journey.

I’ll leave you with one more thought from our poets. “What makes poetry beautiful is not how many words you can fit in, but few you can use to make the most impact.” ~Yoon Ju

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~Yoon Ju

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