Event July 10th at 12:30 pm

The middle of the night passed and decisions needed to be made for tomorrow’s due date.  You understand if you participate in events.  I can’t haul everything with me, and some things decided not to work at the last minute.  I have one additional piece that won’t be finished until after the 4th of July,Continue reading “Event July 10th at 12:30 pm”

The Circus Is In Town

Okay, the weekend was a little chaotic trying to get everything ready for show day but it paled in comparison to last night.  I think a full blown circus decided to move into town for a few days because I feel like every performer in the show.  Not only am I the plate spinning, acrobat,Continue reading “The Circus Is In Town”

Wielding Your Craft

The count day to my Featured Artist spot is only 3 days away and I finished a few more deadlines this weekend. I have to say that I feel comfort in returning to my keyboard to write because the challenges I set for myself for creating new pieces drained all my energy. Returning to somethingContinue reading “Wielding Your Craft”

Art and Writing

Friday is finally here and the frenzy of photo shooting sculptures begins. Participating in shows and events of all kinds are always more work than expected. Prepping of inventory lists, pricing, sales, tools, with business cards and bios for those who stop by to admire your work all have to make their own appearance. ArtistsContinue reading “Art and Writing”

Artistic Turmoil

The weekend is approaching and I’m feeling the pressure of deadlines.  I finished some promised pieces last weekend but this new piece promise is causing artistic turmoil.  Let’s just say my paint brush isn’t flowing as easily as my writing pen.  I’m officially feeling a new kind of “artist block”, and I’ve been here beforeContinue reading “Artistic Turmoil”

Driving 101 For Writers

I’m no longer a melting popsicle in the State of Minnesota this week as we dipped back down into a cool breeze. Opening windows while driving my tin can on wheels doesn’t threaten to cause heat stroke. Instead, the light air brings in a sense of relief over my skin as I drive down theContinue reading “Driving 101 For Writers”

Finding Your Prompt

When you’re having writer’s block or under a deadline, do you have encouraging phrases to help get yourself started? I had to laugh at myself before I sat down to write because one of my phrases is, “Let it fly.” I’ve heard this from other speakers, or similar wording by other entrepreneurs in their bookContinue reading “Finding Your Prompt”

Trusting Your Talent

My body and mind are still recovering this morning from my walk into a fantasy world this weekend filled with dragons and fairy houses as I get ready for my featured artist spot in July and August. Newspapers littered the floor as I set out my sculpting tools and trimmed my nails so that IContinue reading “Trusting Your Talent”

Publishing Is About Process

My hands just went up into the air right before I started today’s blog. I let out a little congratulations because the last week of my inspirational journal for creatives is completed! Just like my 30 Days of Writing Prompt Journal, this is about action in motion to get inspired and achieve goals. Sometimes, weContinue reading “Publishing Is About Process”

Back to School for Creatives!

Sitting in rush hour as the sun started to drop into the West, I felt tired after a long day of getting everything on my list done.  The strangest part is that my air conditioning, like clockwork gave me the sniffles.  I dusted and cleaned the vents, checked the filter and I still end upContinue reading “Back to School for Creatives!”

Pencils and Pants Day

My morning started out like most of my week days these past few months.  I had breakfast with my husband, a sniper of daily news on YouTube, and a short walk to the car to drop him off at work.  When the door opened I wasn’t greeted by an outdoor sauna by with my firstContinue reading “Pencils and Pants Day”

Deadlines and Roses

Deadlines and roses. My creative life is like planting a dozen rose bushes. I set deadlines or thorns for myself and sometimes the growing pains of getting there hurts. My gray matter is squeezed like a sponge over the dry ground around me. I soak up some more ideas and actions feel slow, they barelyContinue reading “Deadlines and Roses”