Monday is Day #11 Sour

My desk is piled high with LED lights to fix a broken light box, pens, and clay and I turned my head away as I got ready for the week this morning.  The sluggish feeling of the morning isn’t very motivating, and I feel like it’s another Sour Monday.  A new start looks sweet butContinue reading “Monday is Day #11 Sour”

Two Muses

The last day of September is here and I have piles of papers, clay, and glitter all over my desk.  My two muses have been busy at the beginning of the school year.  I don’t miss having certain kinds of homework anymore but sometimes I feel like I’m still in the classroom.  There’s always somethingContinue reading “Two Muses”

Trusting Your Talent

My body and mind are still recovering this morning from my walk into a fantasy world this weekend filled with dragons and fairy houses as I get ready for my featured artist spot in July and August. Newspapers littered the floor as I set out my sculpting tools and trimmed my nails so that IContinue reading “Trusting Your Talent”

Living the Life of a Writer

Yesterday, our golden week came to an end with my husbands birthday. Our birthdays are five days apart and we spend time celebrating together. This year our gifts spread out over several days and we made excuses for one more birthday dinner. I’ve come to one conclusion after this experience, we all need more thanContinue reading “Living the Life of a Writer”

ReWrite Day!

If you haven’t noticed by now, this week the theme is creativity. I introduced Austin Kleon who is known for blacking out words in Newspapers until they have a statement of words together that make us smile, and I shared Dan Brown’s source of inspiration for his thrillers – it’s all about the research. CreativityContinue reading “ReWrite Day!”

Location Writing

Movie producers and actors take their stories onset and on location.  It’s time for our fantasy filled worlds to take shape by going on location this week at an Irish Castle.  Your writing prompt can take place in any kind of castle, even ruins of a castle but the story must take place in Ireland. Continue reading “Location Writing”

Fantasy Week: Writing the First Chapter

Fantasy week is coming to and end but you’re writing needs to continue. I’ve shared several pieces, tips, and resources throughout the week. Now, it’s time to get to the serious business of writing our novels. Let’s get working on our first chapter and get over our fear of fixing it later. You know it’sContinue reading “Fantasy Week: Writing the First Chapter”

Fantasy Writing & World Building

This week is about helping writers form the basic building blocks of their fantasy stories. At the beginning of the week, we went over romance in fantasy writing and we’ve covered letting your characters speak to convey the stories emotion and mood. The rest of the week is going to cover building the rest ofContinue reading “Fantasy Writing & World Building”