Living the Life of a Writer

Yesterday, our golden week came to an end with my husbands birthday. Our birthdays are five days apart and we spend time celebrating together. This year our gifts spread out over several days and we made excuses for one more birthday dinner. I’ve come to one conclusion after this experience, we all need more than one day to celebrate our birthdays.

Think about how much a child would appreciate another day of presents simply because they were born.  Good think I decided to stop getting older.  If only, time would listen and we could stop adulting.  Okay, we may have bills but it doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating our existence.  Maybe living a little as we get older means that we act like children for a day. 

This might be easier for writers because we always step outside of our every day into our imagination.  We doodle, color, or live in the land of unicorns.  Fantasy is our specialty.  It’s our job to give readers heroes that don’t seem to exist anymore or romantic scenarios that cross over the border of realistic.  We write and rewrite.  Just remember to live it once in a while.  Have fun, live in a world of romance for a day and buy yourself a flower, don’t wait for the perfect day.

As long as we show respect and look out for each other as human beings, we’re one step closer to living in a writer’s world.  This is my homework for you today.  Take a scene out of your own fantasy and live a little today.  Just keep it respectful toward and law abiding. 

Did I also mention that it’s Asian American Heritage Month?  Let’s spread messages of love and acceptance this month and let it spill into every day.

Thank you for all the likes and those who don’t mind mostly cupcake every day.

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~Yoon Ju

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