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Movie producers and actors take their stories onset and on location.  It’s time for our fantasy filled worlds to take shape by going on location this week at an Irish Castle.  Your writing prompt can take place in any kind of castle, even ruins of a castle but the story must take place in Ireland.  Get creative before the weekend and stretch that imagination of yours.  Write for a short time 5-10 minutes. 

Let us know if you want to share your results with a link.  Mine results are raw and posted below.

Nora sat in the shadows of the arched windows in disbelief at her inheritance.  Her hand brushed over the handwritten letter folded in her pocket with a smile over her lips.  She thought the aunt with the funny accent forgot about her.  Aunt Evelyn’s visits stopped and her mom told her that she was sick and they probably would see her again.  She wrote to her a few times after that but when her aunt didn’t respond, she assumed she had died or didn’t want to write her back.  But the aunt she always felt some kind of connection to, her favorite kept her letters this whole time and left her Udine Castle in her will.  She just graduated in the history and folklore of Ireland and she was now the owner of her own Irish Castle. 

She tucked a strand of her red tinted hair and her smile widened as she stared out at the oblong lake in front of her.  The morning mist cleared and revealed hills and forests of green.  The sunlight sparkled over the oblong lake like an undiscovered jewel.  She took in a deep breath of clean, leafy air.  Her eyes bounced over the water and into the trees that lined the shore.  The air hummed with the magic that her aunt told her about in her stories of fairies, legends, and curses.  That connection to her aunt hung in the air and she waited for the cursed Faery Prince to fly out to greet her.  Prince Tam was cursed to walk the lands of the castle as a human because he refused to marry Queen Morgan until he found his true love.  He was the fairy guardian of Udine Castle. 

“The boat is ready at the docks.” 

His voice startled her and she jumped around to greet his green eyes.  They were the same color as the moss on the rocks around the lake.  How long had he been there?

“I – um.  Thank you?” 

Those sad, serious deep eyes studied her for a few seconds before he bowed slightly.  “As you wish.” 

Her head titled.  Such an odd response.  “You know.  You remind me the stories my aunt used to tell me when I was little.  You even have the same name as the curse faerie prince.”  Her lips pursed.  “Tam. Prince Tam.” 

His eyes stared down as if they were going to pour down into hers.  He was so serious and intense compared to the college boys she knew.  Her mother would have said that he was an old soul.  His pale lips pressed together as if he was going to say something but they relaxed again and she looked up.  She didn’t realized she stared as his perfect bow.  His pale skin glowed in the sunlight.  Yes, he was exactly how she pictured her faery prince.  Hers.  Her eyes went down and she laughed uncomfortably.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t let the stories go to my head.  I didn’t mean to tease.”  Her eyes lifted back up to him.

This time his eyes did smile down at her and she felt her heart ripple with the water on the lake.  That same electricity sparked again inside her.  His eyes turned sad as they moved back and forth with hers.  He wanted to tell her something but his head went down.  His eyes closed before he bowed again and walked away.  She couldn’t stop herself from following behind him, like a shadow chasing after him.  Her aunt never mentioned him in or that she owned the castle in her stories.  As he turned the corner to disappear, she made a silent vow to herself that she would take care of her new home even if it mean fighting off the nephew who contested the will. 

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~Yoon Ju

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