Pencils and Pants Day

My morning started out like most of my week days these past few months.  I had breakfast with my husband, a sniper of daily news on YouTube, and a short walk to the car to drop him off at work.  When the door opened I wasn’t greeted by an outdoor sauna by with my firstContinue reading “Pencils and Pants Day”

Pen Pals

What would this week be without some Writer’s Block help? I remember working on a story that I was going to set in San Francisco about a decade ago and the storyline was falling flat. I had piles and piles of dialogue that lead absolutely nowhere. This was supposed to be about a romantic chase,Continue reading “Pen Pals”

February Cocktail Night

Developing characters in a novel can feel like you’ve entered into a new relationship.  The difference is that you can delete, erase, or change pieces that you don’t like to create ideal characters.  You can even go on dates with your antagonists without worrying about being in danger. Dating week continues so that you canContinue reading “February Cocktail Night”