Driving 101 For Writers

I’m no longer a melting popsicle in the State of Minnesota this week as we dipped back down into a cool breeze. Opening windows while driving my tin can on wheels doesn’t threaten to cause heat stroke. Instead, the light air brings in a sense of relief over my skin as I drive down the roads with orange construction cones.

The road to drop off my husband at work is an ever changing obstacle course. I never know how their going to shift the cones on any given day as they finish a new bus route next to the highway. I swear they’re toying with me, just like waiting squirrels on the side of the road who delight in sending my heart racing as they dart right in front of me. They know how guilty I feel about running over the furry, fluff of a tail that differentiates them from a rat.

My fingers grip the wheel tighter as my determination grows, daring the potential road kill and men of orange cones to make my day. Crock pot and casserole land isn’t all nice all the time. Guilt isn’t the same as being sorry. I never said I would be sorry if someone lost a tail or cone was flattened. My tin can doesn’t have any emotions. A temper that revs and roars down the street as it gets older, but it has no conscience.

So don’t tempt me, creatures of construction season. Maybe I’m not all Minnesota nice. Sometimes, I see crushed and overturned cones along the my drive and I smile to myself. Someone finally had the balls to knock one over. A small victory over the road blockers. Okay, I can’t take it far enough to go there with squirrels. They love nuts just as much as I do. Sometimes, I think of hiring them to find my lost items around the house but my trail mix might go missing.

Yesterday, was about letting things fly. Today is about letting go, and driving on. Put yourself in gear and “drive on!” Rides to work are nothing ordinary for a writer.

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~Yoon Ju

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