Artistic Turmoil

The weekend is approaching and I’m feeling the pressure of deadlines.  I finished some promised pieces last weekend but this new piece promise is causing artistic turmoil.  Let’s just say my paint brush isn’t flowing as easily as my writing pen.  I’m officially feeling a new kind of “artist block”, and I’ve been here before too.

I feel like a wire is winding together before it springs loose, and something new takes shape.  The problem, I’m not at the new part yet.  My husband is witness to my sighing and wandering from room to room aimlessly as I ponder all the possibilities in my head.  The idea is there in the back of mind but hasn’t taken hold.  I’ve gone from fantasy art, to animals, and back to landscapes.

I have pieces but I feel they don’t represent the growth I’ve experienced with my digital art.  Funny how we can at different places depending on the media or genre.  My muscle memory has no problem picking up a digital pen or mouse to create new characters.  I think I let my paint brushes sit too long and they sit stiff in my hand and both my mind and muscles forgot how to use them. 

What is my point today?  When other writers tell you to write every day, take their advice.  Don’t end up with a stiff hand that forgot how to do the motion.  There’s a reason we need to keep our brain oiled when it comes to story telling.  Writing every day keeps the action in motion, and our growth will happen faster.  You might now see it now, but think of next year when you look back at where you started and where you are now.

Adding to my point, there are times when you need to make sacrifices for our art.  You don’t always get to do what you want.  You’re working late into the night while other people might be sleeping, or you’re sitting at our desk while people are out enjoying the nice weather.  Or, like me, you might have other deadlines but you’re still going to get your blog in. 

Prompting, practice, and action help build discipline to keep up your writing.  I have to go tell myself another phrase, “turmoil comes before growth”.  At least my but was in the chair for one of my passions.

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~Yoon Ju

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