The Circus Is In Town

Okay, the weekend was a little chaotic trying to get everything ready for show day but it paled in comparison to last night.  I think a full blown circus decided to move into town for a few days because I feel like every performer in the show.  Not only am I the plate spinning, acrobat, and lion tamer – I’m also the Ringmaster.

One act is a one-woman show for artists – painting, getting the space ready, filling inventory sheets, and labeling.  Another is a published writer who is unhappy that one of my books isn’t finished.  The lion tamer is an editor who’s waiting on feedback from fellow writers, and the final one is an corporate professional in charge of people requesting last minute days off, calling in sick, and having issues.  Did I mention situations of things not getting to places on time and people not following instructions? 

Yes, this is my life and it’s all going on at once.  My to-do lists have lists.  Most importantly – where did I put down my list when the last person interrupted me?  My husband does his best to cheer me on at home.  He’s even brought over water because I was interrupted by a phone call and had to get some writing in. 

For the past few months, I’ve lived in this world.  My weekends and days “off” are filled with getting up at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning to get one more thing crossed off my list.  I thought I was good yesterday but the last minute show panic surfaced.  I had a few freak out moments when my phone rang and another email rolled adding to my to-do list for the show. 

What I really want is to go to bed and sleep for once.  Did I mention that having lunch would also be nice too?  I only know I forgot because my stomach started growling and hurting. 

Did I say thank you to all the readers and creatives out there? Thank you for liking. I try to read and like you back because you deserve the moment of affirmation and acknowledgment of being read too. Hopefully, you don’t mind today’s posts. I feel the need to share because it’s not all glamour behind the keyboard. The Instagrams, Facebook, and TikToks only show one snapshot of our lives.

There are days, weeks, and months where you will need to grind and work hard – and they probably won’t be your favorite days but their necessary. I hope you sleep well for me. I have to go and finish another piece of my painting.

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~Yoon Ju

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