Building Your Library

Remember, summer reading clubs as children? Sometimes, we need to create our own summer camp and get through the list of books that we never finished. I know all of you have your own pile at home as story tellers, writers, and content creators. Let’s make a change this summer to get through our pileContinue reading “Building Your Library”

Making Movie Night Productive

Last night was Turkish movie night, and I found a new series called Love 101 where delinquent students are one step away from being kicked out of school. One vote keeps the head principal from kicking them out and they team up come up with a plan to keep that one vote at the school.Continue reading “Making Movie Night Productive”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday is finally here and my post for today is dedicated to the mother’s in my life.  First is the woman who cared enough about my life to choose to give birth to me, and second is the woman who choose to become my mother through adoption.  Both women were needed to give birth toContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Finding a Book Cover

Everything is so Minnesota today. We went from 70 to 30s today and the first thing I saw when I walked outside were snowflakes. You read that right, snow flurries on Monday. Yuck! I took my morning walk to get the blood flowing and I started to think about my to-do list. I realized IContinue reading “Finding a Book Cover”

Writing Prompt Day!

Before I begin I have to say, “Thank you everyone for all your likes on my website and Facebook Page!” I also enjoy reading your posts! My Literary Road Trip to Ely, Minnesota ended but I took away enough pieces to fill in details missing from my small town novel. I have a lot ofContinue reading “Writing Prompt Day!”

How to Get Published

A writer today has options when it comes to publishing their books.  We all have the dream of seeing our names on Best Seller lists and royalty checks.  The reality of the journey means work and learning to promote yourself. Remember, my previous posts.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Break the process of writing a novel andContinue reading “How to Get Published”