Making Movie Night Productive

Last night was Turkish movie night, and I found a new series called Love 101 where delinquent students are one step away from being kicked out of school. One vote keeps the head principal from kicking them out and they team up come up with a plan to keep that one vote at the school. A plot to make the teacher fall in love begins and new teacher who could steam up scenes arrives on queue.

As they attempt to keep themselves in school and they get to know each other love twists begin. Characters begin to reveal themselves. Glimpses of personalities deepen and more than one character is dealing with problems that some adults never experience. There were points when I wanted to sit down next to some of these teenagers and tell them everything is going to be okay, or sit in quiet so that they weren’t alone.

Complications and surprises add to the interest and they introduced to a new problem. The quest to graduate turns into a tangle of love stories and I let more than one episode play. I indulged one more night before my own journey begins helping other writers publish their book.

You know the best part of binging on movies or books, writers make the escape useful because we learn from each other. I always ask myself how I could take a scene from the screen and put it down on paper. A subtle touching of hands is easy on the screen. A playwright just puts (brush hands) but a novelist writes – his hand moved closer and hovered over her skin like the wings of a thirsty hummingbird. The hairs above her wrist raised and goosebumps started to spread all the way up toward her elbow.

This is your next exercise – the next time you watch tv or a movie, write the scene like a novelist. One simple sentence without too many adjectives and adverbs. Imagine Max Perkins sitting on shoulder and open up your work so that you see what your words could be. He did the same for Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe.

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~Yoon Ju

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