Brain Power

I was working on my next journal which will include ways to improve creativity and feel inspired when I realized something. There are times we do go blank, and it’s not out of lack of discipline. Maybe we just have too much going on. Instead of getting frustrated (my past self), stop and listen to yourself. What is your mind and body telling you? Sometimes the best thing we can do isn’t another exercise or prompt. Our bodies and minds may be telling us that we need to unplug and take the day to rest.

Being able to get a good night’s rest may be what you need to recharge. We can’t work at peak performance all the time or we get burned out. Not being able to concentrate or come up with a brilliant line doesn’t mean the world is ending. You use might need to take a break.

Does this mean you get off track completely? That depends on what you’re really going through. There are many authors out there who needed to take a break after finishing their novel. Some schedule time off after they hit the final send button to their publisher because they realized the same thing. We shouldn’t work ourselves to death and publishing a book is like growing and birthing your own child. All of our being pours into our characters and plots, it’s obvious we’re going to need to rest afterward.

Reward yourself for staying on track and do the same when you finish a chapter. Build in days to unplug and rest your mind from being your brilliant idea generating self. Rest is also fuel. Then, when you’re recharged start again. The key is pick up your pen again without beating yourself up.

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~Yoon Ju

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