How to Get Published

A writer today has options when it comes to publishing their books.  We all have the dream of seeing our names on Best Seller lists and royalty checks.  The reality of the journey means work and learning to promote yourself.

Remember, my previous posts.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Break the process of writing a novel and publishing into pieces. Make a plan for the final steps before you finish your novel.  Find your editor and go over and over your next book with or without a publisher.  Focus on your plan for marketing to the first 100, 500, and 1,000 books.  Don’t ask how much money you’re going to make.  Ask how you’re going to let people know about your story.  Going through the right steps will make things easier no matter which way of publishing you choose. 

You can go the traditional route by finding an agent who will pitch your novel to publishers, or you can self publish on many different platforms.  Which one is the best option?  That’s depends on your goals. 

The traditional route means rejection letters and not having the powerhouse of a publisher and agent on your team.  Publishers advertise and market for you and provide advice on websites along with a sales funnel.  Authors who went the traditional route do some marketing and promoting on their own but the important point is that they have instant access to resources once they sign their contract.

Going the route of self publishing means that you need to build your own team to replace the services of a publishing house.  It is more possible with platforms like Amazon but don’t mistake self publishing as the easy route.  Why?  You should put the same effort when it comes to quality of writing, editing, and marketing as a publisher.

However, self publishing gives you more control over editing and little things like book covers.  The timeline for publishing a novel is also shorter going this route.  Just go through all the steps before you hit submit.  You can also skip being overlooked by gatekeepers but you need to realize the truth. 

Traditional or Self Published, you face the same audience who will let you whether or not they like your story.  Do you want more honest feedback on the journey of self publishing?  Then, visit another resource at the Write Practice and read through Joe Bunting’s advice on selling your first 1,000 copies.

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~Yoon Ju

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