Day #15: Tension

Since we worked on our relationships yesterday, it only seems fitting that we create some more tension throughout our story. We’re building the layers into our novel and this is another way to add interest to our characters and the places where we have our main points.

I could use an onion reference but I just pinned a bunch of delicious looking cakes to my Pinterest board. Each layer of our cake is one of the elements we’ve been working on every day. We’ve plotted points of interest but we just started working on relationships. Let’s use those character sheets to our advantage.

What is going to the being frosting or glue that holds the layers together? What kinds of problems are going to happen to test the hold of our layers? Nothing in life is a straight line and as soon as we set a goal the universe puts problems in our way.

Tension can be captured in dialogue or situations between characters when they disagree. It builds suspense and keeps readers on the edge of their seat. The hairs on the back of necks raise, or their hearts start to flutter in anticipation. This is the space in between the layers of cake to make the connections from the starting point, mid-point, and the point that gets us to the conclusion.

Wind up the string of your story and see what happens when it unravels. Keep up the exercise until you feel satisfied. We’ll continue tomorrow.

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~Yoon Ju

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